Pricing Power: People Help, but Data Delivers

Should pricing power be in the hands of salespeople or driven by data? Professor Garrett van Ryzin researched the benefits of centralized vs. decentralized pricing.

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A Storyteller Goes Back to School

Amanda Kinsey ’12, whose company's first documentary film, Treasures of New York: Columbia University, will air on PBS in September, talks about the upcoming broadcast and her advice for fellow MBAs interested in nontraditional fields.

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Taking Flight

Drew Patterson ’06 has spent his fast-paced entrepreneurial career on the move as part of the founding team of Kayak and cofounder of the luxury travel flash sales site Jetsetter. He recently talked about what it takes to launch, grow, and lead successful startups.

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The Curl: The Stories of Our Community

Columbia Business School enjoys a community of researchers, alumni, and top businesspeople with enough stories to fill several publications. We gather those stories together in a place we call The Curl, an intellectual aggregation at the very center of business.

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The Curl Ideas to wrap your mind around

Dealing in Data

When it comes to negotiating the most profitable prices, humans help — but data delivers.

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A Storyteller Goes Back to School

Amanda Kinsey ’12 has produced a film about Columbia University's storied past.

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Is Australia on the Wrong Track?

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended many of his government’s reforms by invoking the American model of cutbacks on spending.

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Taking Flight

"To get a venture off the ground, you really just have to start," says serial entrepreneur Drew Patterson '06, whose newest gig is leading hotel search site Room 77.

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A Rigorous Approach — from the Beginning

Murray Low and Cliff Schorer talk about Columbia’s unique approach to entrepreneurship — and the skills that are most critical for entrepreneurs today.

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Leading Opinion Online

Online networks — such as Facebook or YouTube — offer a unique environment to capture the evolution of opinion leaders. Professor Kinshuk Jerath and others created a model to analyze how opinion leaders are shaped online.

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Pro-borrower or Pro-lender?

Commercial contract laws that govern lending can generate big business for states — but borrower beware.

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For Some CEOs, No Price Is Too High to Retain Control In a Proxy Battle

In new research from Columbia Business School, CEOs are three times as likely to value shares above market value to avoid getting pushed out

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Sunshine at the Fed

Should central banks be more transparent?

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