EMBA Saturday: Create Opportunity

Ideal for those whose careers are accelerating rapidly or who work in fast-changing industries, the Saturday option lets talented professionals create opportunity without time away from the workplace.

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Our Community Makes an Impact

On Friday, April 4th, hundreds of Columbia Business School community members joined together for the School’s inaugural Day of Impact, providing the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to give back to the communities in which they live and study.

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Eyeballing the Experts

Professor Jerry Kim wanted to determine if federal regulators’ perceptions of quality are influenced by perceptions of reputation and status. So why did he turn to Major League Baseball? “Umpires are baseball’s regulators. It’s their job to judge quality to make sure the integrity of the game is sound in an objective, unbiased way.”

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Women's Week at Columbia Business School

Our second annual Women’s Week was held March 24–28, bringing students, alumni, business leaders, and faculty and staff members together to celebrate the bright futures of Columbia Business School women.

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Keith Allison

At the Very Center of Startups

Being at the very center of business means entry to the world's fastest-growing start-up community.

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Columbia Business School's world-class academics opens doors to the most dynamic place of business: New York City. Engage with industry leaders, in and out of the classroom, and leverage that learning toward bringing your own start-up to life.

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Surf the Social Stream

Follow the School's social conversation on our Connect Online page, which puts #CBSAtTheCenter of social media.

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The strength of our School lies in our community, and the community connects online. Our Connect Online page makes it easy to see what the community says about what puts #CBSAtTheCenter of so many lives.

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The Curl Ideas to wrap your mind around

Tunisia's Fight for Democracy

The new Prime Minister explains how revolution is leading to freedom and a country of laws.

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Healthy Living 2.0

Startups in the health and wellness space are pioneering innovative ways to boost your health and happiness.

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Competing With Bias

Research shows how discrimination works in the hiring process and suggests that science and tech firms that leave it unaddressed may overlook talented female candidates.

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Lulu Wang '83 on Mentorship, Women in Finance, and the Value of Giving Back

Lulu Wang '83, Founder and CEO, Tupelo Capital Management L.L.C., discusses gender issues in the workplace.

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Tunisia’s Transition to Democracy: A Discussion with Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa

Mehdi Jomaa, the prime minister of Tunisia spoke to a standing-room-only audience at Columbia Business School on April 1, 2014.

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The Long View

As part of our new At the Center Q&A series, Mary Jane McQuillen ’07 (EMBA) of ClearBridge Investments chats with Uzayr Jeenah ’14 about the real returns of investing in a sustainable future.

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Katherine Phillips Named Senior Vice Dean

Effective July 1, 2014, Phillips will succeed Gita Johar, the Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business, whose three-year term as senior vice dean is ending.

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Financing China’s Future

China’s rapid urbanization strategy requires a financing system that can keep up. Shusong Ba of the State Council of China lays out economic and policy reforms that will help local governments cope with cities bursting at the seams.

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The Startup Student: Yarly's Allison Strouse

Allison Strouse '14, founder and CEO of Yarly, discusses Columbia Business School's entrepreneurial advantage.

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