Approximately 1,600 Columbia Business School alumni, students, and new admits gathered on or around Thursday, June 11, 2009 to celebrate the global alumni network during the third annual Worldwide Alumni Club Event.

45 events organized by dedicated alumni club leaders took place in cities around the world. The events were as diverse as our alumni and consisted of faculty speakers, panel discussions, happy hours, informal dinners and family outings.

In New York City Professor Bob Bontempo gave an entertaining and thought provoking presentation to more than 300 alumni, students and new admits on “Raising the Stakes: How Technical and Interpersonal Skills Pay Off.” If you would like to see this presentation we have posted the video below.

The Columbia Business School alumni network is 38,000 alumni strong and as Dean Hubbard has said, “It is essential that the School focus on bringing our outstanding network together more frequently and in more creative ways. The School’s most powerful asset––its network––is only as strong as the people who invest in it and make it a continual part of their lives.”

To learn more about the alumni network in your region, please visit the alumni clubs website.

Thank you for making the third annual Worldwide Alumni Club Event such a success and we look forward to seeing you at a local club event soon!

Worldwide Alumni Club Event Slide Show

Professor Bob Bontempo’s presentation

Click here to download Powerpoint.