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Alumni Benefits

The benefits of being a Columbia Business School graduate never stop. Keep your education going by auditing Business School classes for free or take advantage of our top-ranked Executive Education program's Alumni Tuition Benefit. (Alumni and up to four colleagues receive a 25 percent tuition benefit for any one-week program.)
Get career support from Alumni Career Services, which offers individual career advising, workshops, and seminars tailored to your needs. Check out the extensive list of events offered by our centers and programs, and continue to take advantage of our libraries, both on campus and off, through the Libraries’ Alumni Gateway databases.

Signature Events

No matter where you're located, there's likely an alumni event happening close by. Our impressive network of Columbia Business School graduates stretches to well over 100 countries around the world. We host talks, book signings, panels, and networking events to bring you together. Check out the alumni events calendar and attend, whenever and wherever you can.

While local alumni events are happening around the world all the time, there are a handful of featured dates to mark on your calendars. These major events bring the global Columbia community together and they always prove a valuable experience for all involved.

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Signature Events Links

Alumni Events Calendar>
See what events are happening near you for Columbia University alumni.

Pan-Euro/Pan-Asian Reunions>
Hundreds of alumni from around the world gather for a celebration of the School’s global presence.

Worldwide Alumni Club Event>
Alumni clubs from across the globe recognize and celebrate Columbia's global alumni network.

Come back to campus for a weekend of faculty-moderated alumni panels and fantastic social events.

Go Back to Class

As you know, just because you've had a chance to put your degree to use in the field doesn't mean you're done learning. There's always more you can do to develop your skills, improve your on-the-job performance, or take the next step in your career. Luckily, as a Columbia Business School alumnus, you have unique access to further education.

Lifetime E-mail Forwarding

Your lifetime e-mail is a permanent forwarding vehicle that redirects e-mail to your personal or business mailbox and enables alumni to keep in touch with one another as they move and change jobs. A non-Columbia e-mail address is necessary in order to receive and respond to your forwarded e-mail.

University Benefits

As a Columbia Business School graduate you are also part of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), a collective of all University alumni. The CAA is another way to strengthen your bond with fellow Columbians of all University schools, worldwide, through online resources, intellectual opportunities, and discounts.

Alumni visiting Columbia’s Morningside Heights campus can stop by the Columbia Alumni Center to catch up on the latest University news, check e-mail, explore alumni benefits, peruse a yearbook, or just have a cup of coffee. The Alumni Center has been designed specifically for alumni use, and includes a lounge, library, seminar room, and courtesy office. It’s an ideal place to meet with fellow Columbians, or to enjoy a quiet moment while visiting campus.

Featured Media

Students and graduates tell how Columbia Business School shaped and continues to shape their professional lives.

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Make a Gift

Bring your generosity full circle with a gift to Columbia Business School.


Exec Ed Programs

As an alumnus, you have an exclusive tuition discount of 25 percent, which applies to both you and up to four of your colleagues. So as you move forward in your career, you can continue to complement the education you've already received at Columbia.

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Signature Events: WACE

For the Worldwide Alumni Club Event, alumni clubs from across the globe recognize and celebrate Columbia Business School’s global alumni network.

You can also check out events from the last few years: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 , 2009.

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