Affinity Clubs

Organized by alumni, our affinity alumni clubs have a lot to offer and are committed to supporting affinity-based interests of alumni by:

  • Strengthening the connection between alumni and Columbia Business School
  • Establishing a forum to foster and facilitate fellowship among alumni who share affinity-based interests
  • Creating programs and resources to support the professional development of club members as they transition through the various stages of their careers

 Please check out their websites and attend an event or get involved today.

African American Alumni Association

The African American Alumni Association (4A) aims to provide a forum for Columbia Business School graduates of African descent across all levels and businesses to share ideas and network, to develop both professionally and personally, to help advance the School’s diversity initiatives and to serve the Harlem community.

Asian Alumni Club

The Asian Alumni Club (AAC) aims to strengthen the role of Columbia Business School and its alumni in business development relating to the Asia Pacific region.

Hispanic Alumni Association

The Hispanic Alumni Association(HAA) is committed to supporting the interests of Hispanic alumni by strengthening the connection between Hispanic alumni and the School and establishing a forum to foster and facilitate fellowship among Hispanic alumni.

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