March 27, 2013

A New Role

After nearly 25 years at McKinsey and Co., Christian Mariager ’88 made a career change.

Not long ago, Christian Mariager ’88 made a career change. After nearly 25 years at McKinsey and Co., where most recently he led the firm’s Global Consumer Strategy Practice, Mariager left to become an advisor to private equity firms.

Advice to Current Students: “Take an eclectic course load to develop a broad base of knowledge.”
With McKinsey, he had relocated around the world a number of times, between Europe, Asia, and the United States. He recently decided he’d like to put his suitcases away. “I didn’t want to move this time,” Mariager says, “so something else had to change.” The new role has brought new opportunities. Instead of advising boards as he did at McKinsey, for instance, he now sits on them. He has some skin in the game, as he puts it. “It’s less transactional,” says Mariager, who is also a member of the Executive Advisory Board for the Program for Financial Studies. “You’re a part of it. And I think that’s really interesting and fun.”

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