Beauty Innovator

Glamoxy Snake Serum — an anti-aging cream that freezes facial muscles — is one of many breakthrough beauty products brought to market by Maria Hatzistefanis ’96.
April 20, 2012
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Although Maria Hatzistefanis ’96 says that she didn’t originally intend to start her own company, she identified the business opportunity that led to her phenomenally successful skincare line, Rodial, when she was a beauty reporter in college.

“There was a gap in the market for products that offered quick, noticeable results as an alternative to plastic surgery,” says Hatzistefanis.

It was after business school and a three-year stint in the corporate finance department of Solomon Brothers that Hatzistefanis combined her passions for beauty and business. She launched the London-based Rodial in 1999 with an unrivaled focus on the development of research-backed, high-end beauty products that deliver real results.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t try to do everything at once; start off slowly and build on your success.

Glamoxy Snake Serum, Rodial’s bestselling product, freezes facial muscles by mimicking the effect of snake venom. “It’s Botox without the needles,” explains Hatzistefanis. Rodial products are now in more than 1,000 stores across 35 countries, with endorsements by such celebrities as Victoria Beckham and Anne Hathaway. In October, Rodial launched NIP+FAB, a lower priced skin- and body-care line that is sold in the United States at Target.

A passion for discovering the next great product continues to inspire Hatzistefanis. “There’s nothing quite like seeing something you’ve created out of nothing in boutiques and department stores around the world,” she says. “I am always looking out for new ingredients. You can never relax in this industry. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and every day I still wake up thinking about how we can do more.”

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