Hermes Readership Survey: Focus On Alumni News

Thank you to the nearly 350 alumni who participated in the School’s first Hermes readership survey.
March 14, 2012
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Thank you to the nearly 350 alumni who completed the School’s first Hermes readership survey in November.

The survey provided valuable feedback on the interests and preferences of alumni readers that the School is already using to inform Hermes content.

The survey’s findings underscored the value of Hermes in strengthening graduates’ connection to the School and to each other: Most respondents said that the magazine keeps them informed about — and proud to be connected with — the School. And, perhaps surprisingly, many respondents rated the Hermes e-newsletter above social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook when it comes to keeping up with classmates.

The magazine’s focus on alumni news and profiles is also in sync with alumni preferences: respondents preferred features and alumni profiles to other School-related topics; accordingly, Class Notes is the most popular section of the magazine.

A majority of respondents would like to see more faculty thought leadership in Hermes; to that end we’ve recently added a Columbia Ideas at Work department to the magazine and are exploring other opportunities to feature faculty perspectives on timely business issues.

Finally, a number of alumni suggested that Hermes draw on alumni-authored features. This effort is under way as well; in January, Kaihan Krippendorff ’99 contributed a very popular career column. We are excited to collaborate with alumni writers whose areas of expertise dovetail with topics that would be of interest to Hermes readers.

If you have an idea for a story or column, or would like to learn more about the survey, please e-mail

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