Catalyst and Consultant

Angela Lee ’07 is using her expertise in marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship to bring more women into the angel investing space.
August 24, 2012
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Angela Lee ’07 is always learning — and teaching.

A veteran strategy consultant and career coach, Lee completed a six-month Pipeline Fellowship in July that trained her and nine other high-achieving businesswomen to become angel investors. While the program culminated in the group’s investment in Day One Response, a company that makes portable water-purification systems for disaster relief, it also led to Lee’s next endeavor: 37 Angels, a training program and fund for women angel investors.

Words of Wisdom: “I think that women can have it all — just not at the same time. It’s about being very clear about what your priorities are at any given point.”

While the Pipeline Fellowship focuses on women-owned social enterprise companies, 37 Angels offers training in traditional angel investing.

“Women make up a phenomenally low percentage of angel investors,” says Lee. “But there’s this huge pool of money that’s controlled by women who are eager to think of creative outlets for investing.”

Since graduating from Columbia Business School, Lee’s passion and “day job” has been consulting — first at McKinsey and now at Delphinity — but she also moonlights as an entrepreneur and educator. The founder of three companies — an IT consulting firm, a career counseling program for undergraduates, and an executive training company she runs with Professor Hitendra Wadhwa — Lee also teaches strategic problem-solving at New York University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Her experience and expertise — not to mention her indefatigable energy — make Lee an ideal advocate for bringing more women into the angel investing space. “I want to create and encourage dialogues,” says Lee, “that not enough women are having.”

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