April 3, 2014

Dual Focus

Jonathan Goldman ’13 (EMBA) combines his expertise as a cardiologist with business skills to bring new drugs to the market quickly, effectively, and affordably.

As a cardiologist at the San Francisco Veterans’ Administration Hospital, Jonathan Goldman ’13 (EMBA) applied a singular focus to his work, poring over one case at a time in pursuit of the correct diagnosis. Now, as CEO of Aptuit, a company that develops pharmaceuticals, Goldman finds that a more multifaceted approach is required.

To prepare for that role, he went back to school. “The business world has multiple dimensions and many possible right answers,” says Goldman, whose executive experience includes seven years as chief medical officer of Point Biomedical, a development-stage biopharmaceutical company, and six years as an executive vice president at ICON, a pharmaceutical services company. Business school also gave him a new appreciation for the value of teamwork and for emerging markets — thanks to a trip to China for an elective course.

Leadership Lesson “Everyone has something to contribute. You just have to find a way to allow them to excel.”

Those lessons have served Goldman well at Aptuit, where he relishes the opportunity to bring new drugs to the market quickly, effectively, and affordably. “I very much hope that more students will enter this industry,” he says. “Healthcare is about growth and innovation and solving tough problems to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.”

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A record-breaking 2,500 alumni, guests, faculty and staff members, and students attended this year’s Reunion Weekend, which took place
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