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Hermes Society

Last year, alumni and friends contributed over $5.5 million to the Columbia Business Fund and the Executive MBA Fund with Hermes Society members contributing more than $4 million of the total. It would take more than $110 million in endowment gifts to provide the same amount of annual support.

Hermes Society Leadership Committee

Michael Edward Anderson '83
Tracy L. Bahl '04
Michael Becker '93
Robert Berne '62
Richard H. Bott '72
Pedro Caruso '03
Geoff Colvin, Chair '78
Janice M. Deluise '79
Scott Douglas Edwardson '00
Susan H. Frieden '71
Kenneth Fuirst '90
Alan Hart '83
Michael Ho '06
Robert Alan Johnson '02
Kristen Edgreen Kaufman '02
Sally F. King '90
Loralyn Ledwell-Cropper '94
Irwin L. Levowitz '64
Christian Mariager '88
Jeff Mizrahi '09
Marc Montagner '82
John D. Moreno '10
Gail Berry O'Neill '76
Thomas Osmond '05
Barry Snyder '93
Chaim Theil '13
Jennifer S. Villarina '95
Tina Woetzel '93
Morton F. Wolf '79
Grant Wu '95

With close to 700 members, the Hermes Society has been the driving force behind the growth of the Columbia Business Fund and Executive MBA Fund.. Alumni leaders who support the School at this significant level enable the School to compete in a global marketplace and seize vital opportunities as they arise. Just this year, the School introduced new programming to the core curriculum, provided financial aid to the incoming class of outstanding students, and continued to support innovative faculty research in the wake of the economic crises.

You can join the Hermes Society at the following levels:

  • Dean’s Roundtable $50,000 and above
  • Leadership Group $25,000–$49,999
  • Courtney Brown Fellows $10,000–$24,999
  • Partners $5,000–$9,999
  • Associates $2,500–$4,999

For young alumni (five or fewer years out) membership in the Hermes Society begins at $1,000.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of the Hermes Society, please contact Barbara Clapp at or 212-851-4301.

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Make a Gift

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