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Columbia Business: Spotlight

Thinking Huge

Spotlight | October 24, 2013

As CEO of Huge, Aaron Shapiro ’96 is helping firms succeed in today’s digital world.

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A Small World After All

Spotlight | October 24, 2013

By helping thousands of New York City children attend high-quality afterschool programs, Alison Overseth ’84 is upping the odds that they’ll be successful.

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Smarter, Simpler Investing

Spotlight | October 24, 2013

Betterment, the company Jon Stein ’09 founded a year after he graduated from Columbia, aims to take the mystery out of long-term investing.

Topics: Communications/Media, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Innovation, Leadership, Media and Technology | Read Article

The Right Fit

Spotlight | October 21, 2013

When Brian McBrearity ’01 (EMBA) moved to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the plan was to clear his head and determine his next steps. Instead, he fell in love with Africa.

Topics: Leadership, Social Enterprise, World Business | Read Article

Creating Community

Spotlight | October 11, 2013

Andres Small ’12 has helped bring together students, faculty members, administrators, and alumni through CBS Matters, a forum for sharing personal stories, motivations, and goals.

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Capital Gains

Spotlight | October 10, 2013

Scott Hartley ’11 is helping the White House Office of Social Innovation and USAID develop data-driven, evidence-based approaches to policy — bringing Silicon Valley models to the federal government.

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A Pioneer

Spotlight | October 09, 2013

The placement agent concept that Charles Eaton ’68 spearheaded has become a multibillion-dollar industry.

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A New Role

Spotlight | March 27, 2013

After nearly 25 years at McKinsey and Co., Christian Mariager ’88 made a career change.

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Lessons Learned

Spotlight | March 01, 2013

At KKR, Alisa Wood ’08 (EMBA) looks to what she learned at Columbia.

Topics: Capital Markets and Investments, Leadership | Read Article

A Baby Business

Spotlight | February 08, 2013

When Allyson Downey ’10 was expecting, she got some unexpected inspiration.

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