Columbia Business: Feature

The Big Leagues

Feature  | November 26, 2013

Alumni executives in the industry are pursuing bold agendas that will have lasting impact.

Topics: Leadership, Strategy, World Business | Read Article

Double Impact

Feature  | November 21, 2013

Alumni are driving change across industries and sectors.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare, Innovation, International Business and Finance, Leadership, Media and Technology, Social Enterprise | Read Article

Man on a Mission

Feature  | October 29, 2013

With DimensionU, Ntiedo Etuk ’02 is using video games — and a healthy dose of competition — to get millions of kids excited about learning.

Topics: Innovation, Leadership, Public Policy | Read Article

Turnaround Strategist

Feature  | October 14, 2013

In his seven years at Virgin, Shai Weiss ’97 has helped the global megabrand take on new ventures.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare, Innovation, International Business and Finance, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Organizations, Strategy, World Business | Read Article

The Next Industrial Revolution

Feature  | May 09, 2013

GE is investing big in Big Data. Leading its finances is Keith Sherin ’91 (EMBA), who for three decades has helped the firm chart new territory.

Topics: Corporate Finance, Leadership, Media and Technology, Organizations | Read Article

The Game Changers

Feature  | April 17, 2013

What glass ceiling? Columbia Business School alumnae are striving for — and reaching — the top of the finance world.

Topics: Corporate Finance, Leadership | Read Article

An Enlightening Journey: The Tale of an Incredible Lioness

Feature  | January 17, 2013

The inspiring story of one entrepreneur in Tanzania.

Topics: Entrepreneurship | Read Article

American Daydream

Feature  | November 26, 2012

Is the American dream of home ownership still within reach?

Topics: Real Estate | Read Article

The Real Deal

Feature  | October 19, 2012

For Kesha Cash ’10, being an impact investor means doubling as a social entrepreneur — and as an activist for the next generation of change-makers.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Social Enterprise | Read Article

Pouring Passion

Feature  | October 12, 2012

Columbia Business School alumni are proving that the wine industry is ripe for innovation.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strategy | Read Article

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