Columbia Business: Q&A

New Startup Offers NYC Foodies Authentic Dishes Cooked and Delivered by Refugees

Q&A | January 21, 2016

Co-founded by Wissam Kahi ’04 and Manal Kahi SIPA’15, Eat Offbeat aims to provide customers not just with authentic ethnic food, but with genuine cultural experiences.

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The Business of Giving

Q&A | November 09, 2015

Lord Irvine Laidlaw ’65 donates $15 million in financial aid to promote diversity at the School.

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Going the Distance

Q&A | October 29, 2015

Skills mastered through endurance sports fuel success in business, says marathoner and serial entrepreneur Joshua Spodek ’06.

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Don Sexton: Celebrating 50 Years at Columbia Business School

Q&A | July 21, 2015

Topics: International Business and Finance, Marketing | Read Article

Ross Clark '10 Discusses Growth of Digital Media at Condé Nast

Q&A | July 21, 2015

Topics: Communications/Media | Read Article

Hershey Buys Jon Sebastiani’s Krave Jerky

Q&A | February 18, 2015

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A Storyteller Goes Back to School

Q&A | August 18, 2014

Amanda Kinsey ’12 has produced a film about Columbia University's storied past.

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A Rigorous Approach — from the Beginning

Q&A | August 11, 2014

Murray Low and Cliff Schorer talk about Columbia’s unique approach to entrepreneurship — and the skills that are most critical for entrepreneurs today.

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Taking Flight

Q&A | July 07, 2014

"To get a venture off the ground, you really just have to start," says serial entrepreneur Drew Patterson '06, whose newest gig is leading hotel search site Room 77.

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A Macroeconomics Vacation

Q&A | June 04, 2014

When disappointing snow in Tahoe discouraged their plans for a ski trip, three alumni — self-described “econ junkies”— jumped at the opportunity to go back to school.

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Leadership, Public Policy, Risk Management | Read Article

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