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Only Fools Rush in to the Job Market; Be Wise and Take Your Time

Alumni Careers | January 01, 2011

It's the season of ... job-quitting fantasies. With year-end bonuses coming in and New Year's resolutions made, it's natural to think about turning over a new leaf professionally. But take it slow. I've had many conversations with people who made career missteps because they left jobs for the wrong reasons, or in the wrong way.

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Stick With Your Expertise After A Failed Start-Up

Alumni Careers | December 01, 2010

The interesting thing I’ve observed is that employers don’t mind past failures. What they shy away from is hiring an experienced professional to do something very different from what he or she was doing before.

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Log In to Prepare

Alumni Careers | November 11, 2010

Job seekers often fail to proactively identify target firms and underestimate the importance of researching companies and industries in advance of interviews and networking. Conduct an internet search for the most common interview mistakes and “not enough knowledge of recruiting company” will undoubtedly appear on the list.

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Build Your Career Karma Through Community Service

Alumni Careers | September 28, 2010

Networking can feel hardest to do when it’s most urgent – when we’re in a job search. That’s why it’s so valuable to build up a reserve of goodwill among our networking contacts, before we need help.

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Lost and Found: How to Think Like a Recruiter During Your Job Search

Alumni Careers | June 17, 2010

When you’re looking for a job, search a variety of channels to develop a pipeline, says Leslie Hunt of the School’s Career Management Center.

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Networking With Hiring Managers

Alumni Careers | January 01, 2010

Networking with hiring managers is the single most important activity in an effective job search campaign. Getting in front of the hiring managers before there is an “official” opening increases your chances for success in obtaining interviews. Once there is an “official” opening, competition can be intense and talking more frequently with hiring managers will reduce the length of your search time.

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Redefining Success in Turbulent Times

Alumni Careers | January 01, 2010

Success and monetary achievement have always been an important and respected part of our American way of life. But now, in today's turbulent times, we need to take a giant step back and wonder if we've been defining "success" far too narrowly for far too long.

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Can a Headhunter Help You?

Alumni Careers | January 01, 2010

The first thing to bear in mind is that recruiters work for employers, not job seekers. An employer engages a headhunter to find the person with the skills that best match a specific position and pays the headhunter either up front (a retainer fee), upon hire (a contingency or success fee) or through a combination of those two methods. This means that for a job seeker the right question to ask a headhunter is not, “Will you represent me?” but rather, “What types of employers and what types of positions do you recruit for?”

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Stop Talking About Your Resume

Alumni Careers | January 01, 2010

Interviews, like dates, are sometimes mysterious. You establish a great rapport, the meeting lasts longer than you expect, you walk out with a spring in your step, and then... they don’t call.

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Dealing with Uncertainty: Focus on What You Can Control

Alumni Careers | March 27, 2009

As we watch the daily shifts in the financial markets and ponder the fate of our retirement accounts, a sense of powerlessness can quickly set in. Unfortunately, we seem to be focusing too much attention on things we can’t control and not enough on steps we can take to feel better.

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