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A Healthy Future

Q&A | December 06, 2013

Healthcare expert Professor Linda Green weighs in on the Affordable Care Act, the looming physician shortage, and what every patient needs to know.

Topics: Healthcare, Leadership, Operations | Read Article

Above and Beyond

Q&A | November 12, 2013

Wolters Kluwer CEO Nancy McKinstry ’84 is building a legacy that goes far beyond ushering the global publishing company into the digital age.

Topics: Communications/Media, Healthcare, Leadership, Media and Technology, Operations, Organizations, Strategy, World Business | Read Article

Insider Analysis

Q&A | October 23, 2013

In a new book, Steven G. Mandis — a banker-turned-sociologist and adjunct professor at the School — attributes Goldman Sachs’s culture change to “organizational drift.”

Topics: Leadership, Operations, Organizations, Risk Management, Strategy | Read Article

Leading Change

Q&A | August 27, 2013

How do employees learn an organization’s culture? In his new book, Professor Ray Fisman draws from organizational economics to reveal how leaders drive culture change.

Topics: Innovation, Leadership, Management, Operations, Organizations | Read Article

A Better Fit

Q&A | September 14, 2012

It’s time to pull the work-life debate into the 21st century, says Cali Williams Yost ’95.

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Leadership, Operations, Organizations, Social Enterprise, Strategy, World Business | Read Article

A Better Big Apple

Feature | June 13, 2012

Through a new Master Class — a unique partnership between the School, city agencies, and the private sector — students are working to improve one of the most complex entities in the world: New York City.

Topics: Accounting, Business Economics and Public Policy, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Media and Technology, Operations, Real Estate, Risk Management, Social Enterprise, Strategy | Read Article

Model Teachers

Feature | November 21, 2011

Alumni executives who serve as adjunct professors offer students a practitioner’s expertise — and the inspiration of an instructor who has walked in their shoes.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Media and Technology, Operations, Real Estate, Social Enterprise, Strategy | Read Article

Healthcare’s Consumer Advocate

Spotlight | March 01, 2011

“There are simple steps that everyone can take to reduce the chance that they or someone they love will be injured or killed by healthcare,” says Elizabeth Bewley ’88, the founder of Pario Health Institute.

Topics: Healthcare, Operations | Read Article

Linda Green on the Healthcare Revolution

Q&A | February 15, 2010

As the debate over healthcare reform continues, there is one area that could be pivotal, says Professor Linda Green, who teaches Healthcare Industry in the 21st Century.

Topics: Healthcare, Operations, Risk Management | Read Article

HERMES Then and Now

Feature | January 27, 2010

Since the first issue in 1968, HERMES has explored key issues in business and society, from the role of the university in social change to consolidation trends in capital markets — often from the perspective of expert alumni practitioners.

Topics: Accounting, Corporate Finance, Healthcare, Operations, Risk Management | Read Article

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