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Risk Management

The New CFO

Feature | April 13, 2015

CFOs do radically different jobs today than they did just 10 years ago.

Topics: Finance, Innovation, Leadership, Operations, Organizations, Risk Management, World Business | Read Article

The Business Case for Going Green

Feature | April 08, 2015

Companies find that doing good for the environment is also good for the bottom line.

Topics: Innovation, Leadership, Operations, Organizations, Risk Management, Social Enterprise | Read Article

A Macroeconomics Vacation

Q&A | June 04, 2014

When disappointing snow in Tahoe discouraged their plans for a ski trip, three alumni — self-described “econ junkies”— jumped at the opportunity to go back to school.

Topics: Business Economics and Public Policy, Leadership, Public Policy, Risk Management | Read Article

Insider Analysis

Q&A | October 23, 2013

In a new book, Steven G. Mandis — a banker-turned-sociologist and adjunct professor at the School — attributes Goldman Sachs’s culture change to “organizational drift.”

Topics: Leadership, Operations, Organizations, Risk Management, Strategy | Read Article

A Better Big Apple

Feature | June 13, 2012

Through a new Master Class — a unique partnership between the School, city agencies, and the private sector — students are working to improve one of the most complex entities in the world: New York City.

Topics: Accounting, Business Economics and Public Policy, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Media and Technology, Operations, Real Estate, Risk Management, Social Enterprise, Strategy | Read Article

The PGA Tour’s Newest Stat

Q&A | October 11, 2011

Professor Mark Broadie has developed a new methodology for analyzing putting performance.

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Alumni Academy to Offer Exclusive Executive Education Modules

News | March 16, 2011

New executive-level mini-courses will help alumni hone the leadership skills they need to continue to move forward in their careers.

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New Professorship and Research Fund Honor Paul Calello ’87

News | October 26, 2010

Established through the generosity of a number of Calello’s colleagues at Credit Suisse, the Paul Calello Professorship of Leadership and Ethics will support the most timely teaching and research — and honor an exemplary leader.

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School Launches Program for Financial Studies

News | August 30, 2010

Led by Professor Laurie Simon Hodrick, the multidisciplinary new program provides an integrative approach to financial studies.

Topics: Capital Markets and Investments, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Strategy | Read Article

Seeking Alpha — And Talent

Spotlight | July 12, 2010

After selling her family’s mineral extraction business in 2005, Katherine Priestley ’92 cofounded the investment firm Lincoln Vale.

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Attendance at Reunion 2015 Sets New Record

A record-breaking 2,500 alumni, guests, faculty and staff members, and students attended this year’s Reunion Weekend, which took place
April 17–19. This tops last year’s gathering of 2,400 attendees.


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