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A Passion for the Underserved Market of Plus-Sized Fashion

Shashi Srikantan '13 creates styling service to match professional women with the perfect plus-sized wardrobe.

Four Startup Tips from Solemates

Solemates was created by Becca Brown '07 and Monica Ferguson '07, two women who hated to ruin their shoes. They provide shoe care solutions for women who love shoes as much as they do.
Economics & Policy

Why Trade Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Trade lowers prices and increases product variety. That’s a win-win for both importers and exporters, says Douglas Irwin, author of “Free Trade Under Fire.”

Economics & Policy

How Trade Boosts National Security

Countries that trade with one another are less likely to resort to military action as a way to resolve conflicts, says Caroline Freund, senior fellow with the Peterson Institute.