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General Lab FAQs

General Lab FAQs

Here are the answers to some general questions we get asked frequently about the lab. For answers to more specific queries (such as “how do I create a researcher account?” or “how do I sign up for studies?”) please see either our Participants page or our Researchers page.

The Behavioral Research Lab facilities are open only to faculty in the Columbia Business School, or those working underneath them. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student looking to utilize the lab, your faculty sponsor must be a member of the Business School.
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Can I participate in studies if I am not a Columbia student?

The only requirement for creating a participant account on SONA is that the account is created with a .edu e-mail address. Therefore, if you are a student from another university or an alum with a working .edu e-mail address, you are invited to participate in our studies. If you do not have an active .edu email address you will not be allowed to participate in our studies.

Another opportunity for participation is on our online panel, Qualtrics. Our online panel is open to Columbia Business School students and faculty. [Back to top]

Are there employment opportunities at the lab?

At this time there are no open positions in the lab. [Back to top]

How does the lab reach out to participants? How does the lab advertise active studies?

For information on our procedures please see the recruitment page.
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Research from the Behavior Lab

Does Facebook Lower Your Self-Control?
Research from Professor Keith Wilcox and Andrew Stephen (PhD '10) suggests that online social networks enhance users' self-esteem — and lower self-control.