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The Behavioral Research Lab is a large,centralized laboratory that works to facilitate scholarly research conducted within the Business School.The Lab is utilized by a large community of faculty, graduate students, post docs and research assistants who are affiliated with Columbia Business School.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Lab Manager with any questions, thoughts, concerns or accolades you may have. We're here to help you!

Research Assistants

Our lab research assistants are inquisitive and hard-working students from the Columbia University community. Please see below for brief biographies of our RA team.

Sarah Anolik is pursuing her Master’s in Social-Organizational Psychology at Columbia University’s Teachers College. She is also an Organizational Development Associate at Retensa, LLC. Prior to beginning her graduate studies, Sarah worked in sales, operations and lower-level management for several organizations including Vogue magazine, SoulCycle and Equinox. She graduated from Barnard College in 2008 with a BA in Psychology. Her current areas of interest include group dynamics, diversity (primarily gender and culture), and decision-making.

Dominique Jones is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Psychology. She is interested in working with peers at the Behavioral Research Lab and meeting face to face with study participants. After Columbia Dominique plans on continuing her education with a Ph.D in Psychology.

Nana Amoh is a graduate student at Teachers College pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Psychology. She received her BA in Psychology with a concentration in English from Columbia University in the City of New York in 2013. She is also an RA in the Laboratory of Inter-Group Relations and the Social Mind where she is involved with studies that examine how social identity affects behavior. Nana is interested in the science of decision making and behavioral interventions and plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Veronica Handunge is a freshman at Columbia University majoring in Neuroscience and concentrating in Business Management. She is interested in recruiting participants and is excited to help conduct the various studies carried out by the Behavioral Research Lab. After graduating from Columbia, Veronica hopes to either get a Ph.D in Neuroscience or to go into consulting.

Zachary Heinemann is a freshman in Columbia College planning to study Psychology and Business in order to eventually enter a Ph.D. program for Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His specific interests are focused on how cognition and social situations impact worker performance and how perceived efficacy can alter this.

Ashley Culver is a junior studying Neuroscience and Linguistics at Columbia College. She is interested in the behavioral aspects of decision-making, language studies, and neuroscience as it relates to behavior and communication. After graduating from Columbia she hopes to pursue further education in Linguistics or Psychology.

Taylor Zar is a sophomore at Barnard College studying Psychology. She is interested in behavioral neuroscience and the mechanisms of human decision-making. As a Research Assistant, she is excited to help conduct various experiments carried out by the Behavioral Research Lab. After she graduates, Taylor plans on pursuing a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

Han Zou is a first-year master’s student at Columbia University majoring in operations research. Previously she obtained her B.A. from Brown University with a concentration in economics. She is very interested in the interdisciplinary study between psychology and economics, and her research interest lies in cultural and gender research topics in organizational behavior studies. She intends to pursue a PhD in management and organizations.

Nathan Maddix is a behavioral researcher, learning specialist, and social entrepreneur who is interested in organizational behavior and decision-making. After completing his BA in Philosophy and Psychology, he earned an EdM from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He now studies social and political thought at Columbia University, in order to better understand the dynamics of start-up enterprise, growth models, and international organizations.





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Research from the Behavior Lab

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