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Hiring Research Assistants

The Behavioral Research Lab maintains its own research assistants. The number of research assistants varies from 4-8 throughout the year, and all Lab RAs are hired by the Lab Manager. If you're interested in hiring a Lab RA, please read below.

Hire a Lab RA

  • Need an RA? Email the Lab Manager with a description of the job, including when it will be conducted, or when it needs to be finished. The Lab Manager will contact the appropriate Research Assistant and send them to you.

  • Paperwork?: Nope, no paperwork for the researcher. The Lab Manager handles all the paperwork associated with hiring and paying research assistants!

  • IRB Training: All Lab research assistants take the TC0087 Human Subjects Training Course through the IRB.

  • Payment: Research assistants are paid $10/hr, although many researchers choose to pay them more.

  • Availability: Research assistants are expected to work 10-15 hours a week, and they provide the Lab Manager with their availability every semester.

  • What Type of Jobs?: Anything research related! Running a study, coding and analyzing data, developing studies and surveys, etc.
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Behavior Lab Calendar

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