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For Researchers

The Lab exists to help facilitate the research of Columbia Business School researchers. The Lab offers many services in pursuit of helping researchers conduct their studies, and the Lab's staff are dedicated to assisting in any way they can.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Lab Manager with any questions, thoughts, concerns or accolades you may have. We're here to help you!

Participant Recruitment

The Behavioral Research Lab handles all recruitment efforts. Our goal is to make it so researchers never have to recruit for their individual studies. The Lab works to get students to sign up for SONA, and the Lab works to get the participants who are on SONA to sign up for studies. Below are a few of the ways the Lab recruits participants.

How the Lab Recruits

  • Recruitment Coordinator: The Labs has a dedicated Recruitment Coordinator, Cameron McClure. She handles all recruitment efforts, and questions regarding recruitment, including questions regarding the recruitment of specific populations, should be directed to Cameron.

  • Tabling: The Lab holds regular tabling sessions around campus where we get students to sign up for SONA. Most tabling is performed at the beginning of every semester. All Lab PhD Students and RAs are required to assist with tabling for 5 hours every semester.

  • Tabling Studies: During Tabling efforts the Lab often has researchers hand out short, paper surveys, which we pay them for on the spot. This allows participants to experience firsthand the type of work we do. If you're interested in running a survey like this during recruitment, contact Cameron McClure.

  • Free Paraphernalia: During tabling, and throughout the year, the Lab offers its participants free items, such as water bottles, coffee mugs, frisbees, and other items that are marked with the Business School's logo.

  • Blast Emails: Every Friday evening the Lab sends out a "blast email" to all our participants on SONA detailing the studies available the following week. The majority of participant sign-ups occur right after this email is sent.

  • Participant Pool Demographics: The Lab collects participants' demographic information through our prescreen survey. If you have any questions regarding the demographic composition of our participant pool, just email the Lab Manager.


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Research from the Behavior Lab

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