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Physiological Equipment

Physiological Equipment Demonstration with Modupe Akinola and Dana Carney

This lab workshop examined Electrodermal activity (EDA) also commonly referred to as skin conductance response (SCR) or galvanic skin response (GSR). EDA measures responses in the eccrine sweat glands, which are found widely distributed across the body, but are densely distributed in the hands and soles of the feet. EDA is measured non-invasively in the behavioral lab using two small finger sensors. EDA is highly sensitive to changes in emotion and attention and as a result is becoming widely used among social psychologists and organizational scholars. In the lab workshop, Professors Akinola and Carney discussed: 1) how EDA can be used in your research, 2) what EDA measures, 3) how to connect a participant to EDA equipment, 4) how to record the physiological signals, and 5) how to care for the equipment.

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