Obtaining Columbia CaseWorks Cases

For academic use you may license the cases through our distribution partners (below). Note that limited number are available through Harvard Business Publishing.



Please see separate instructions for Columbia Business School faculty and authorized staff  or ordering cases for non-academic use.

Instructions for Academic Use:

Obtaining cases through the CaseWorks website is a two-step process: Licensing the cases through Copyright.com and then requesting the case through the CaseWorks website. Note that the CaseWorks website does not support a student pay model at this time. All cases must be bought on institutional invoice.

Step 1: License the case through Copyright.com

CaseWorks charges $3.50 per user/per case for cases used in academic courses and we license our cases through Copyright Clearance Center (www.copyright.com).  You must be registered through the Copyright.com website to order a case. Please create your account before placing the case into your cart.  Once you have logged in, you may find the publication by searching for the case title or ID number.

Once you have found your case, select either "Use in an electronic coursepack" or "Photocopy for an electronic casepack" then click on “Special Order”. You will be asked to enter the following information: year of publication, page range, total number of pages, and number of students. Please make sure that the number of students is as accurate as possible.   We encourage all academic users to choose the invoicing option as you will have the opportunity to update the student total within 60 days of purchase.  The other field items do not affect your order and you can always use 2014 for the publication year, 1-100 for page range, and 100 for total pages. On the following page, please make sure to include the course instructor’s name. Once you have completed the payment information, CCC will send you a confirmation email including an order detail number which you need to complete the order form on the CaseWorks website. 

If you have technical concerns regarding the Copyright.com website please contact the Copyright Clearance Center Support team at 978-750-8400.

Step 2: Obtain the case file from the CaseWorks website

Once you have your order detail number from copyright.com, please register on the CaseWorks website, if you haven't already.  Once you are accepted and logged into the CaseWorks website navigate to your case homepage and click on “License Case” to fill out a form to obtain your CaseLink via email.  Final cases are delivered through an active link to the case file that can be posted on a password protected site or in courseware for students. The cases will be watermarked with the professor’s name, course, and the dates of the license period.  

If at any time you need assistance with the ordering process, please contact us at ColumbiaCaseWorks@gsb.columbia.edu or (212)854-1796.


Cases at Columbia Business School

Columbia CaseWorks cases are closely tied to and based on the research and expertise of Columbia Business School’s world-class faculty. The program leverages the energy, creativity, and intellectual capital of the School and provides a bridge between theoretical and practical business knowledge.