Working with CaseWorks to Develop a Case

Developing a Traditional Case

A case typically starts with a faculty request. Columbia Caseworks works with the professor and a freelance writer to develop the case. Either Liz Gordon or Ronnie Sacco, the CaseWorks Associate Director, can get this process started.

Developing Decision Briefs or “New Style” Cases

Faculty also have the option to develop cases based more heavily on primary sources (and which involve less description and context). We call these “new style” cases or “decision briefs.” A decision brief includes primary source information (articles on competition, memos, e-mails, market and financial data, etc.) along with a short description of the issue and aims to simulate the experience a manager has in the field.

Sample Case

Please feel free to download this sample case that addresses the growth capital options available to a Nigerian tech service provider.

Download sample case (PDF)

Benefits to Faculty

New cases can be developed to update curriculum.

Challenge students with new style cases.

CaseWorks staff manage the writer and the case development process.

Final approval remains with faculty.