CaseWorks Student Fellows Program

Students can participate in the Columbia CaseWorks program in their second year by applying to be a CaseWorks Student Fellow. The Fellows are selected in the spring for the coming academic year and work with CaseWorks staff and with faculty on case development. Click here for a description of the Fellow position. Click here for a full list of CaseWorks Student Fellows' cases and teaching notes.

The CaseWorks 2015-2016 Student Fellows are Divya Bharwani, Alexander Goldberger, Sonie Guseh, Rohit Kohli, Charlotte Levitt, Nancy Lu, Aditya Mohan, and Erin Zlomek.

The CaseWorks 2014-2015 Student Fellows were Yumna Cheema, Martin Monzon, Ammar Mukadam, Ritu Rajan, Emma Reilly, and Evan Michael Vittor. These six fellows provided writing and research support to a number of case projects, including Netflix: Continuous Innovation of Self Destruction?



"I applied to the CaseWorks Fellows Program because I’m kind of a case connoisseur. I like how different stories are told and how those are presented in classes. I also like the idea of being able to work with a professor and really dive into a topic and explore a little more deeply than I would in a regular course.

The CaseWorks Fellows Program was amazing. I had a lot of different opportunities and touchpoints with different professors. The best thing about being a fellow was the access."

-- Andrew Shin ’12