CaseWorks Student Fellows Program

Students can participate in the Columbia CaseWorks program in their second year by applying to be a CaseWorks Student Fellow. The Fellows are selected in the spring for the coming academic year and work with CaseWorks staff and with faculty on case development. Click here for a description of the Fellow position. Click here for an application for the 2014-2015 Student Fellows Program.

The CaseWorks 2013-2014 Fellows are: Eliot Brockner, Amanda Ernst, Jiayi Hao, Dana Linker, Alisha Moran, W. Patrick Whitehead, and Elizabeth H. Wol.

The CaseWorks 2012-2013 Student Fellows were Eric Bergman, Elena Bonifacio, Kate Chavez, David Chait, Lauren Fischetti, Maya Mandel, Bastiaan Oomens, and Amber Shapiro. These eight fellows provided writing and research support to a number of case projects of which four have been completed. Other case projects are still in process and we expect more Fellows' cases to be added to the CaseWorks collection in the coming year. All case and teaching note projects can be found listed below. Full list of CaseWorks Student Fellows' cases and teaching notes.


"I applied to the CaseWorks Fellows Program because I’m kind of a case connoisseur. I like how different stories are told and how those are presented in classes. I also like the idea of being able to work with a professor and really dive into a topic and explore a little more deeply than I would in a regular course.

The CaseWorks Fellows Program was amazing. I had a lot of different opportunities and touchpoints with different professors. The best thing about being a fellow was the access."

-- Andrew Shin ’12