The Jerome Chazen Case Series

As head of Yuhan-Kimberly's corporate communications, Lee Eun-wook was worried about its corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign, "Keep Korea Green." While the company was one of the first South Korean businesses to craft an environmental strategy, more companies had jumped on the bandwagon, making it difficult for consumers to identify authentic campaigns. Yuhan-Kimberly had also faced criticism that its campaign was a cynical effort to make amends for the environmental damage caused by its diapers, tissues, and other products. Lee Eun-wook wished to tie the debut of new products to its CSR campaign, and wondered whether a new flagship strategy was called for. In this case students study Yuhan-Kimberly' s financial performance, product portfolio, and its CSR strategy before considering which direction the company might take.

Case id: 090503
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