Panels and Content


Innovations in Patient Access and the Patient Experience

With challenges in patient access and value of care in the national spotlight, this panel will focus on how various stakeholders including manufacturers, non-profits, payers, and providers can come together to improve access, patient centricity, and the overall patient experience. Topics covered will include initiatives that are ongoing currently, perspectives on innovative opportunities, and how dynamics will evolve in the future. Panelists will come from locally based firms to provide a lens on New York City’s impact on the national market. 


Career Fair

The Career Fair showcases the Sponsors of the Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference and provides conference attendees the opportunity to learn about and build relationships with these leaders of the healthcare industry. These healthcare companies, investors, and client service firms promote healthcare business education and research.


Investor and Entrepreneur Perspectives on Emerging Technologies

Please find the slides posted here.

New York has traditionally been at the center of finance and for local entrepreneurs the access to local investors has helped to fuel the development of the New York healthcare ecosystem. This panel will provide perspectives on what entrepreneurs look for when attempting to create the next great innovation and how financiers evaluate investment opportunities. Panelists will discuss both global and local trends in innovation as well as the biggest challenges that stakeholders seek to overcome in developing and investing in new technologies.


Startup Expo: Healthcare Entrepreneurship in NYC

New York is home to a multitude of early stage healthcare focused companies including life sciences, medical technologies, and health tech, among others. The expo will provide attendees the opportunity to interact closely with entrepreneurs and representatives from startups to better understand their businesses and the diverse healthcare landscape in New York. The expo will also provide companies the opportunity to spread the word about their products and services.


Panel information will be updated further in the coming weeks and is subject to changes.