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Economic Policy

Is the Euro Washed Up?

February 16, 2011

Charles W. Calomiris

Several European countries will likely be forced to abandon the euro within the next year or so, argues Chazen Senior Scholar Charles Calomiris. Can this currency be saved?

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Too Many Men?

December 14, 2010

In December, Chazen Institute Director Shang-Jin Wei briefed officials from the U.S. Department of Commerce on how to improve bilateral trade relations with China. His surprising solution? (Hint: it has nothing to do with monetary policy.)

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Exclusive Report: World Economies in 2011 and Beyond

February 11, 2011

The China growth miracle will continue, but one country could surpass it. A new report by the Chazen Institute offers surprising predictions for who the big winners will be in the coming decade — and which economies will be left behind.

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Banking Goes Green

November 12, 2010

Olivia Albrecht

Yes, it's true: banking, profits, and social responsibility can indeed coexist — even thrive. Peter Blom, the CEO of Tridos Bank in the Netherlands, offers a prescription for how to make money while doing good in a much-maligned, beleaguered sector.

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The Problem with Product Replacement

November 12, 2010

Analysts and policy makers rely on data to tell them how world economies are faring. But what if that data is flawed? Chazen Senior Scholars Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson uncover compelling evidence that U.S. import and export indexes are faulty. The answer: something called "product replacement bias."

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How Other Countries Can Imitate China's Growth Strategy

October 13, 2010

In an exclusive talk, Justin Lin, chief economist for the World Bank, shows why China's rapid-fire expansion isn't an anomoly and explains why other developing nations could benefit from the China model.

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