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Chinese Real Estate: Where the Opportunites Are

May 1, 2012

Rebecca McReynolds

Sure, there's money to be made with real estate in the world's most populous country. But the market has anomalies that can trip up even the most seasoned investor.

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India’s Seven-Year Itch

February 29, 2012

Sharon Kahn

With foreign direct investment now encouraged, property-related investing in India is striving to become friendlier.

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After the Unthinkable

May 9, 2011

Sharon Kahn

It's tough enough starting a business, but try launching one in a country shattered by genocide. Four Rwandan women reveal the daring risks they took to become successful entrepreneurs.

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Going Global When You're the Little Guy

May 9, 2011

Sharon Kahn

When multinational firms start invading your home turf, it's tempting to lead your own cross-border charge. Lolita S.A., a clothing retailer headquartered in Uruguay, hit unexpected bumps when it tried to do just that.

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Housing Boom

May 9, 2011

Sharon Kahn

A proprietary method for constructing low-income homes in a single day gave this Brazilian company a huge competitive advantage. But capitalizing on that success has proved to be a bigger challenge.

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Lights and Sirens

December 14, 2010

Spurred by his mother's near-tragedy, Shaffi Mather created India’s first reliable ambulance service. At a recent forum sponsored by the Chazen Institute, he revealed what drives him and why his unconventional pricing strategy works.

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