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Modi's Whirlwind First Year

June 29, 2015

Sharon Kahn

Narenda Modi’s first lieutenant describes how far India has come — and what still needs to be done

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How India Can Build Infrastructure

April 23, 2015

Sharon Kahn

There's a way to create 21st-century infrastructure in India. Just don't do it through public/private partnerships — at least not the traditional way. So said Rajiv Lall, executive chairman of the Infrastructure Development Finance Co. (IDFC), at a recent talk titled “India's Unfinished Reforms.” The talk was organized by the India Business Initiative at the Chazen Institute.

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Innovation, India-Style

March 10, 2015

Sharon Kahn

R. Gopalakrishnan of Tata Sons offers a surprising take on what’s truly new

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Private Equity in India: An Insider's View

November 7, 2014

Betsy Wiesendanger

Vishal Bakshi, managing director of principal investments in India for Goldman Sachs, opens up about the thorny world of private equity in a country dominated by family-owned businesses.

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India? A Model for Health Care?

October 29, 2014

Sharon Kahn

It’s an irony on a scale only India can support: With just 7 percent of the world’s doctors and 5 percent of hospital beds, the country has become a preferred destination for medical tourism. The burgeoning industry treated 360,000 international patients in 2010, and is gearing up to care for 1 million next year — a 30 percent compounded annual growth rate over the past five years.

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Modi's Five Waves of Change

October 14, 2014

Sharon Kahn

Each wave has the potential to boost India's GDP by at least a half percentage point, says Adil Zainulbhai, chairman of the new Quality Council of India.

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Why Creative Destruction Has Bypassed India

September 23, 2014

Rebecca McReynolds

Few things in the tech world are as eagerly anticipated as Apple’s annual new product announcements. Even diehard Android fans want to know what the folks in Cupertino have up their sleeves, and this year didn’t disappoint. With their unveiling, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus made every previous i-iteration effectively obsolete. The pricier 6 Plus model sold out in a matter days, while eBay was flooded with older models selling at bargain-basement prices.

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Four Moves That Would Transform India

September 22, 2014

Sharon Kahn

When Narendra Modi was elected with the largest victory in India’s history last May, Arvind Panagariya was elated. The professor of economics at Columbia University praised the new prime minister’s practical and sometimes radical plans “to make the twenty-first century India’s century.” Four months into the Modi administration, though, Panagariya told an audience at Columbia Business School his enthusiasm has “turned tepid.”

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India Has New Government. Now What?

May 19, 2014

Sharon Kahn

Newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he’ll embrace policies of growth and help India revitalize its future. Two Columbia University professors who are authors of a new award-winning book discussed what's at stake at a recent Chazen Institute event.

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How Ratan Tata Thwarted a Violent Labor Union Takeover

November 25, 2013

Two weeks after assuming the chairmanship of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata faced a labor strike, death threats, and stabbings of his management team. Here, he describes how he remained unbowed.

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