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India Has New Government. Now What?

May 19, 2014

Sharon Kahn

Newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he’ll embrace policies of growth and help India revitalize its future. Two Columbia University professors who are authors of a new award-winning book discussed what's at stake at a recent Chazen Institute event.

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How Ratan Tata Thwarted a Violent Labor Union Takeover

November 25, 2013

Two weeks after assuming the chairmanship of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata faced a labor strike, death threats, and stabbings of his management team. Here, he describes how he remained unbowed.

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New Chazen Report: Corruption Still Rampant in Emerging Economies

November 11, 2013

A new survey of business leaders around the globe reveals deep suspicion about the ability of government to handle economic problems.

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Lessons from an Accidental Entrepreneur

April 9, 2013

Sharon Kahn

The founder of India’s fastest growing hotel chain shares ten profound (and sometimes funny) insights from his experiences.

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The Effects of Growth in India on Its Most Impoverished People

October 22, 2012

Rebecca McReynolds

India's economy has grown at a breakneck pace, but some observers wonder whether the country’s neediest citizens are being left behind.

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The Temporary CEO

September 25, 2012

Betsy Wiesendanger

Every ambitious executive aspires to the top spot. But what if you get it only temporarily? In an exclusive interview, Ashishkumar Chuhan, interim CEO of the Bombay Stock Exchange, reveals how it feels to be a fill-in.

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