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Please complete the application below and click 'submit' when you are completed. Once you click 'submit,' you should receive two confirmations - a web confirmation and email confirmation - if you have applied successfully. If you do not receive these confirmations, please review your application and make sure that you have filled in all required information. All questions marked with an * are required.

Part 1: Company Information

Part 2: Participants' Information

Participant 1

Current Resume or CV: Please email a copy of your resume to

Participant 2

Current Resume or CV: Please email a copy of your resume to

Part 3: Assessment

Part 4: Letter of Intent

In the space below, include a Letter of Intent, which outlines your reasons for applying to this program. Please note this portion of the application is mandatory.  Be sure to respond to the following questions:

  1. What are the main challenges that you face in your company, and which of these challenges, if any, do you think this program could help you with? and
  2. How do you see your organization evolving in the next 5 years?

Part 5: Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

When you enroll in the ECLA program, you are subject to the terms and conditions of Columbia Business School Executive Education Cancellation Policies and ECLA Academic Policies. These are outlined below.

Cancellation Policies
All notification of withdrawals and substitutions must be sent in writing to the Chazen Institute. Up to 30 days before the start date of each phase of the program, payment is refunded in full. If written notification is not received prior to 30 days before the start of the program, 30% of the amount due for that phase is assessed to cover irrecoverable costs paid to service providers on the participant's behalf. Any withdrawals, substitutions, and transfers after the start of the program are subject to the sole discretion of the Faculty Director of the ECLA program and may result in relinquishment of up to 100% of the amount due for that phase.

Withdrawals. Notification of withdrawal must be received at least 30 days prior to the start date of each program phase to avoid penalty. Within 30 days of the start date, withdrawals are subject to 30% of the amount due. After the start of the program phase, any withdrawal will result in forfeiture of the full amount due.

Substitutions. All substitutions of participants are subject to the sole discretion of the Faculty Director of the ECLA program. Requests must be submitted with an application and will be reviewed based on applicant qualifications and time required to complete preparatory work. Substitutions within the same firm may only be made with the prior approval of the Faculty Director.

Transfers. Applicants cannot make transfers to any other Columbia Business School Executive Education or Endeavor program. No transfers of ECLA program fees will be considered valid.

Academic Policies
It is expected that students will successfully demonstrate the skills, tools, and perspectives introduced in the program through three program deliverables: a Process Improvement Project, which involves the creation, implementation, and evaluation of actionable strategies to improve company performance; a Business Growth Plan, which outlines steps for cross-border expansion; and a final Case Study, which reports how students attempted to grow their businesses throughout the program. Students who cannot demonstrate impact on their companies as the result of their Process Improvement Projects will not be asked to continue the program through Phase II. These students will be refunded a portion of their program fee.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand Columbia Executive Education Cancellation Policies and ECLA Academic Policies. I agree to abide by these policies and to be responsible for and pay all fees.

By submitting this application, the applicant understands and agrees with Columbia Executive Education Cancellation Policies and ECLA Academic Policies. Applications cannot be processed without this agreement.

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