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ECLA Program Contributors

Institutional Partners

Latin American entrepreneurs will be identified for participation in the program in partnership with Endeavor Global—a not-for-profit organization that has been successful in supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets—and their country affiliates. Industry coaches will be identified through the Columbia University alumni network.

Faculty Director

Nelson Fraiman, Professor of Professional Practice and Director of
the W. Edwards Deming Center at Columbia Business School

Participating Faculty

The following is a list of faculty involved in the ECLA program. A detailed program agenda listing faculty for each session will be distributed to participants prior to the start of each module.

     Grant Ackerman, Columbia Business School

     Omar Besbes, Columbia Business School

     Nancy Degnan, Columbia University

     Nelson Fraiman, Columbia Business School

     Paul Glasserman, Columbia Business School

     Bruce Greenwald, Columbia Business School

     Paul Ingram, Columbia Business School

     Peter Kolesar, Columbia Business School

     Murray Law, Columbia Business School

     Marcelo Olivares, Columbia Business School

     Don Sexton, Columbia Business School

     Medini Singh, Columbia Business School

     Nicolas Stier, Columbia Business School

     Garrett van Ryzin, Columbia Business School

     Gabriel Weintraub, Columbia Business School

     Daniel Wolfenzon, Columbia Business School

     Assaf Zeevi, Columbia Business School

     Amir Ziv, Columbia Business School

ECLA Advisory Council

     Cesar Alierta, MBA '70, Chairman and CEO, Telefonica, S.A., Madrid
     and Member, Columbia Business School Board of Overseers

     Jorge Becerra, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston
     Consulting Group (Miami, Santiago, Buenos Aires)

     Jerome A. Chazen MBA '50, Chairman, Chazen Capital Partners and
     Member, Columbia Business School Board of Overseers

     John H. Coatsworth, Provost, Columbia University

     Sonia Dulá, Managing Director of Global Wealth and Investment
     Management-Latin America, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

     Fernando, Fabre, President, Endeavor Global

     Nelson Fraiman, Council Chairman, MBA '71, Professor of
     Professional Practice and Director of the W. Edwards Deming Center
     at Columbia Business School

     Eduardo Garrido, Director, Santander Universities US

     Cesar Gaviria, Former President of Colombia, Former Secretary
     General, Organization of American States

     Paul Glasserman, Jack R. Anderson Professor of Business, Decision,
     Risk and Operations, Columbia Business School

     Ehud Houminer, Executive-in-Residence

     Enrique Iglesias, Secretary General, Ibero-American Secretariat

     Norberto Morita MBA ’75, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
     Southern Cross Group, Buenos Aires, and Member, Columbia
     Business School Board of Overseers

     Sidney Taurel MBA ’71,Chairman Emeritus, Eli Lilly and, Company,

     Alberto Verme MBA ’84, Chairman Europe, Middle-East and Africa,
     Citi; Member, Columbia Business School London Advisory Board; and
     Member, Columbia Business School Board of Overseers

     José Mará Urquiza, CEO, Banco Walmart Mexico

Program Sponsors

We thank the following sponsors for their generous support.

     Santander Universities

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