Program Curriculum

Phase I: Improving Efficiency

     MODULE ONE: Foundations of International Business and Problem
     Definition (New York)
     January 6-17, 2014

    The program kicks off at Columbia Business School with two weeks of
    core classes in all business areas, with an emphasis in performance
    improvement. With the support of a faculty adviser, each participant
    will prepare a proposal for a "Process Improvement Project" that
    esponds to a pressing issue in their company.

     MODULE TWO: Process Improvement Methodology (Online)
     January – August, 2014

    Online lectures and case studies – focused on process improvement
    methodology – will enable students to make their businesses more
    efficient and competitive. With the support of a faculty adviser,
    students will spend 10 weeks working on their Process Improvement
    Projects followed by approximately 18 weeks implementing and
    analyzing the impact of their projects on their companies.

     MODULE THREE: Entrepreneurship & Innovation (International
     Immersion, Israel)
     March 16-March 22, 2014 

    A week-long study trip will permit students to learn firsthand how
    high-growth entrepreneurs have made their companies successful
    across borders.

Phase II: Business Growth Planning

     MODULE FOUR: Global Expansion and Value Creation (New York)
     August 24 - 30, 2014

    A week-long module in will offer classes that examine
    current trends in global business. Students will also present the
    findings of their Process Improvement Projects to faculy, who will
    evaluate the success of the projects. Applying the skills and
    knowledge acquired from Module IV, students will develop a
    "Business Growth Plan" that prepare their companies for global
    expansion and value creation.

     MODULE FIVE: Business Growth Applications (Online)
     September – December 2014

    Online lectures and case studies on business-growth applications will
    help students identify the opportunities and challenges of cross
    border expansion. With the support of a faculty adviser students will
    spend 4 months developing their growth plans.

     MODULE SIX: Business Plan Presentations and Graduation
     Ceremony (New York)
     January 11-16, 2015

    Participants will present their business growth plans to Columbia
    Business School faculty and and guests. At the graduation ceremony,
    students will receive a certificate from Columbia Business School’s
    Chazen Institute.

*Faculty advisers will be provided by Columbia Business School.


**Students who cannot demonstrate an impact on their companies as the result of their Process Improvement Projects will not be asked to continue the program after Module Four.