Photo Contest

Chazen Travel Photo Competition

The contest is open to all Chazen international travel programs and participants held each year in late March/early April for photos taken during that academic year. Photos will be used for Chazen promotional materials or on our website.

For the 2013/2014 academic year, submissions will be due by April 4th and must be at least 300 dpi (the largest setting on your camera should be fine). The top three photos will receive $300 awards; other finalists in the top 10 will receive gift cards to Starbucks.

We are looking for photos in these three categories:
Globalization: Photos relating to globalization through participation in Chazen Institute related programs
Economy and Business: Photos relating to economy and business through participation in Chazen Institute related programs
The World: Scenic travel photos of lifestyle, culture, buildings, or landscape


  1. All entries must be received by April 4, 2014.
  2. Photos must have been taken as part of a Chazen international travel program (Winter and spring trips are eligible to submit photos)
  3. Decisions are final.
  4. Up to 2 entries allowed per entrant in each category.
  5. Entrants agree to allow their photos to be reproduced in Chazen promotional materials or on our website. Students’ name and graduation year may accompany uses of each photo.
  6. All photos submitted must have been taken by the entrant.
  7. Photo must be at least 300 dpi.


How to Participate
Enroll in the Jerome A. Chazen Institute Photo Contest Canvas Page and then upload your photo.
Please include:

  • The title of the category for which you are entering each photo for
  • Your full name and expected graduation year
  • What program it was taken on: i.e.: India Chazen Study Tour January 2014 or Global Immersion Program China Spring 2014
  • A caption describing the photo (context, location, people depicted, etc)


The Chazen Institute will choose the top 10 photos and post them on the Chazen Institute Facebook page for a week to be voted on. The winning photos will be the ones receiving the most “likes” on our page. We will notify students when the photos have been posted and that the voting is open.

Photography for the Chazen Institute photo contest should express the mission and capture the vitality of the Institute and its initiatives. To this end, preference will be given to photos with a journalistic approach that seek to: 1) Capture learning and international business in action; including business interactions, Lectures in the field, development initiatives in action, the positive impact of business on local people and families; 2) Avoid touristy set ups (such as groups of students smiling in front of a landmark or cultural icon; 3) Avoid too much skin (while we understand some locales may be visited during hot season, we are unable to use photographs of students in revealing clothing such as tank tops, shorts, mini-skirts, and bathing suits); 4) Photograph in good light, such as mornings and late afternoon, or use a flash when natural light is poor.

Please contact the Chazen Institute at