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Global Immersion Program

Global Immersion Program (GIP) classes bridge classroom lessons and business practices in another country. These three-credit classes meet for half a term in New York prior to a one-week visit to the country of focus. During the immersion week, students meet with business executives and government officials while working on team projects. Upon returning from the travel portion of the class, students have at least one wrap-up meeting at Columbia Business School. The 2014-2015 Global Immersion Program fee for seven-day classes is $1800 and provides students with double occupancy lodging, ground transportation and some meals; longer programs, such as the Patagonia program, may have a higher fee. The fee does not cover round trip international airfare. Attendance and regular participation in all class sessions, both in New York and in the destination country, is mandatory. Students who miss the first class meeting may be removed from the course and will not have their program fee refunded to them. No program fee refunds will be given after the add/drop period has closed. Only current, full-time Columbia Business School students are allowed to sign up (no significant others).

Students bid for spots on GIP classes as they would for any other class.  To learn more about the Program, please contact the Chazen Institute. Click here to learn how Global Immersion Program classes differ from Chazen International Study Tours. Additional loan funds can be borrowed to cover the cost of airfare and program fee.  Please contact with questions on how to apply.

Also check out blog postings from recent travels, written by participating students.


Fall 2014:
Leadership Expedition to Patagonia with NOLS
Doing Business in North Africa (travel to Tunisia)
Exploring Turkey's Start-up Culture
Is Cuba the Next Transition Economy?

Spring 2015:
The Brazilian Growth Model
Exploring the Business Environment in Cuba
Doing Business in Myanmar (new this year)
Economic Growth in the UAE (new this year)
Leading Others from the Inside Out (travel to India; new this year)


Fall 2013:
Leadership Expedition to Patagonia with NOLS 
India: Lessons in (Reverse) Innovation - view agenda
Doing Business in North Africa (travel to Tunisia) - view agenda
Spring 2014:
Growth Opportunities in a China at a Crossroad - view agenda
The Brazilian Growth Model - view agenda
Exploring the Business Environment in Cuba - view agenda
Exploring Turkey's Start-up Culture - view agenda


Fall 2012:
Economic Growth and Financial Stability in Turkey 
Managing Growing and Family Businesses in South America (travel to Chile)
Doing Business in North Africa (travel to Tunisia)
Spring 2013: Global Immersion: Growth and Challenges in the Chinese Economy
The Brazilian Growth Model
Exploring the Business Environment in Cuba


Fall 2011:
Global Immersion: Economic Growth and Financial Stability in Turkey (view sample agenda)
Spring 2012:
Growth and Sustainability in Brazil
Growth and Challenges in the Chinese Economy (view sample agenda)
Traditional Family Business in Europe--class travels to Austria (view sample agenda)


Fall 2010:What's Next for South Africa? (view sample agenda)
Spring 2011: Growth and Sustainability in Brazil
Growth and Challenges in the Chinese Economy
Globalization, the Case of Costa Rica


Fall 2009:
Global Immersion: Innovation in India
Spring 2010:
Growth and Sustainability in Brazil (view sample agenda)
Growth and Challenges in the Chinese Economy (view sample agenda)


Fall 2008:
Innovation in India
Spring 2009:
Growth and Sustainability in Brazil
Investing in China

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