Language Requirements/Deadlines

Important Fall 2015 Dates:

Registration Opens: Wednesday, August 19th.

Registration Closes: Wednesday, September 9th.

Evaluation Day (if needed): Friday, September 11th.

First day of language classes: Monday, September 21st. 

Classes End by: Tuesday, December 1st.

There will be no Language Classes on the following dates:

10/13 - 10/20, 11/2, 11/3, 11/25 - 11/27

The fee for all language classes is $290 per student per course. Full payment is due at registration and may be made using American Express, Mastercard or Visa.

Before registering, be sure to review the semester calendar and withdrawal deadlines. As these are very small classes, individual registration is very important; once the schedule has been completed, no refunds will be given unless your class or section is not offered. Please note that getting your second-choice time slot is not an acceptable reason for a refund. There must be a minimum of four students at the same level for a class to be held.

Withdrawal Dates:

Full Refund on or before Wednesday, September 9th.

No Refunds after Wednesday, September 9th, at 5:00 p.m.

Withdrawal requests should be e-mailed to