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Applications closed for Fall 2015 semester.  Spring 2016 applications will open in late September.

Columbia Business School students may go abroad only during their third or fourth term.

Applications are due the semester before going abroad. Students who wish to participate in the exchange program in the spring apply in the fall term of their second year. Candidates must have completed all core course requirements and have a solid academic record with a minimum GPA of 5.5 to be eligible. If you bid to defer a class to a particular semester, you must be at Columbia to take that class during the term you bid for and therefore may not go on exchange during that semester. Please note: applications for fall are due in the spring semester, not summer semester.

Applications must be submitted in online at the below link and include the following:

  • Application 
  • Current résumé
  • Responses to essay questions
  • Unofficial transcript (SSOL can provide this; you may scan or capture the screen using the print screen function).
    • Please note that can only upload one file into the application, so please combine your résumé, essay and transcript into one Word or pdf file.
  • Recommendation letter (at least one) — may be emailed directly to or dropped off in the Chazen office in Uris Hall 2M2.


Click here for online application.




Students who wish to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student will have to “pay” 4000 bid points.  Students will need to plan ahead to ensure they have the requisite points to participate.



The essay should focus on why you wish to participate in the exchange program, how study at a particular school/region will help you in accomplishing your future goals, the type of courses you plan to take, and why you would be an effective representative of Columbia Business School while abroad.

A student may not apply to a country where he or she is a citizen or a permanent resident. Dual-degree students are not eligible to participate in this program.

The Chazen Institute will contact applicants under consideration for an interview. Students are evaluated on the basis of their application and interview.

Participating students pay tuition and fees to Columbia University and are responsible for all travel, accommodations, books, and miscellaneous expenses.

Each partner school has different regulations and offerings. Please thoroughly research the schools you are interested in and contact the Chazen Institute if you have additional questions.

MBA Exchange students who participate during their third term remain connected to the School through student notices but will need to make a special effort to remain involved in the recruiting process. Students are advised to meet with a member of Career Management for details.

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Winter study tours are announced in May; spring tours are announced in October. Check our study tour page for updates.

Alumni are welcome at most of the events we sponsor. Alumni can also learn another language through the Chazen Language Program. Be sure to sign up for the Chazen Institute email list on the alumni website to receive notification of upcoming events.

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