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Participating in a Tour

About Study Tours

International Study Tours are designed for students who want the opportunity to learn firsthand about other business cultures. Students meet with leading executives, government officials, and alumni while visiting company headquarters, factories, and cultural sites. Students have an average of two company visits a day (8-10 throughout the week), and all meetings are mandatory. Students are traveling on behalf of Columbia Business School and are expected to act as ambassadors of the School brand by actively participating in company visits and alumni receptions. Tours have a minimum number of 20 students an a maximum of 40. Some tours may have lower caps for logistical reasons.

Signing Up

NOTE: The selection process for study tours has changed. A Dutch auction method similar to class bidding will replace the traditional lottery system. Each student will be given upfront lifetime "Chazen bid points” that will carry over from year-to-year. These bid points will be separate from class bid points. Students will be allowed to place their bids anytime during the bidding period. There will only be one round of bidding. The lowest successful bid will become that study tour’s “clearing price” for the round. It is possible for students to secure spots on multiple tours; however, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they do not confirm spots on tours that overlap. No swapping is allowed.

Those who successfully bid on a study tour spot will have 48 hours to pay a non-refundable deposit online or they forfeit their spot (bid points will be refunded if you forfeit your spot). Those that were not able to get a spot on a study tour will be placed automatically on a waitlist, ordered by highest to lowest bid amount.  Please note that there will be no separate waitlist round. Students that get off the waitlist will be charged the bid amount they placed on the study tour, not the lowest “clearing” price for the waitlist, so make sure to bid what you are willing to pay. Students can add themselves to the waitlist at any point after the bidding period for no bid points by emailing

If the study tour does not fill to capacity during the bidding period (after both bidding rounds) and does not have a waitlist, it is open on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Only current, full-time Columbia Business School students are allowed to sign up (no significant others).

The Chazen Institute reserves the right to cancel a study tour due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the study tour non-viable. If a study tour is cancelled, your deposit and bid points will be refunded to you. 


Withdrawals not only create additional work for study tour organizers, but it also increases costs for students who are added later on. Therefore, once a deposit is made, the student is considered on the tour and deposits and bid points will not be refunded except for the reasons listed below (documentation may be requested):

  • Personal, medical, and family emergencies
  • Military service
  • Court appearances, such as jury duty
  • Visa denial

Please note that exceptions for classes and recruiting will not be made so please make sure to review the schedule for on campus recruiting as well as block week courses prior to bidding for study tours.

Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the Chazen Institute at for consideration and include the reason for appeal and supporting documentation. If the request is approved, a refund will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment. Please note that monetary refunds of deposit and final payments will be given less any non-refundable fees and expenses already incurred (these fees will vary from tour to tour).


Tours take place over school vacation periods, usually late December/early January and March, with occasional May or August tours. Study Tours last 7 to 10 days. Sign-ups for winter tours generally take place in September. However, some tours may choose to have sign-ups in the summer due. Sign-ups for spring tours take place in late November.


Costs vary depending on the study tour. However, in general, tour fees include hotel (based on double occupancy), local transportation, some meals, guides and tips. Students are expected to stay in the same hotel. Payment is a two-step process: students pay a nonrefundable deposit upon sign-up and later make a final payment 4-6 weeks before the trip. Students are not able to increase their loan eligibility for a study tour unless they are doing an associated independent study.

Please note: Students with holds on their student accounts (e.g. tuition, immunization, etc.) will be unable to participate in Chazen Study Tours. It is each student's responsibility to reconcile his/her account prior to submitting their deposit for a tour. 

Travel Precautions

Vaccinations and immunizations are recommended for many international destinations. Please review the latest health and safety information from University Health Services and schedule travel appointments if need be. Health Services is particularly busy leading up to school breaks, so please schedule an appointment as early as possible.

Getting the Most From the Study Tour Experience

Independent Study: Study Tours are a noncredit learning experience. However, interested students can choose to make a tour part of an independent study class for credit. Visit the Office of Student Affairs.

Apply to be a Social Media Guru: Blog from the streets of your study tour. Contact for more information. Click here to view past blogs.
Photo Contest: Showcase visuals from tours through the annual photo contest.

If you would like to propose a Chazen Study Tour, review organizing a tour.

View destinations and itineraries for past study tours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Chazen Institute does not have members; most of our programs are open to anyone. All current students and faculty receive our mailings.

Email us at, or call 212-854-4750. Our mailing address is Columbia Business School, 3022 Broadway, Uris Hall 2M2, New York, NY 10027. Our fax number is 212-851-9509.

Simply email us at and let us know you'd like to be added to our list. To subscribe to Chazen Global Insights, our e-newsletter, click here.

Winter study tours are announced in May; spring tours are announced in October. Check our study tour page for updates.

Alumni are welcome at most of the events we sponsor. Alumni can also learn another language through the Chazen Language Program. Be sure to sign up for the Chazen Institute email list on the alumni website to receive notification of upcoming events.

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