"Media Concentration around the World: Analyses and Conclusions" in Yokohama


Participation, so far, by 15 country teams. These speakers from these teams will be included on the program as panelists and discussants when the list is finalized.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

15:00~17:00 Visit to Newspark (the Japan Newspaper Museum) (optional)
Adjoining to Nihon Odori Station (Minatomirai Line)

18:00~20:00 Welcome Reception at Gaiety Hall, Iwasaki Museum
Fashion Show by Yokohama f College
Aperitif & Refreshments

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Room #303/304, 3rd Floor, Institute of Information Security

9:00~9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Koichiro Hayashi, IISEC
Kiyoshi Nakamura, JSICR
Eli Noam, Project Leader

9:15~10:30 Country Reports Update: Selected Country Reports by Authors or Regional Representatives
Moderator: Patrick Badillo (University de la Mediterranee-Aix Marseille)

10:30~10:50 Break

10:50~12:40 Discussion of Regional Trends: Presentation by the Regional Leaders
Moderator: Dominique Bourgeois (University of Fribourg, Switzerland) and Ming Hang (Tsinghua University, China)
Europe: Patrick Badillo, Jean-Baptiste Lesourd (University de la Mediterranee-Aix Marseille) and Dominique Bourgeois
Asia-Pacific: Kiyoshi Nakamura (Waseda Univ.) and Koichiro Hayashi (IISEC)
Western Hemisphere: Eli Noam and Liwei Wang (Columbia University)

12:40~13:40 Lunch

13:40~15:10 Overarching Observations 1:
Concentration and Regulation: A Chicken or Egg Problem
Moderator: Jean Baptiste Lesourd (University de la Mediterranee-Aix Marseille) and Daeho Kim (Inha University, Korea)
(1) Media Concentration and Ownership Issues from Western Perspective: Robert Picard (The Reuters Insstitute, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford)
(2) Mergers, Ownership and Regulations in Taiwan, Yu-li Liu (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
(3) Broadcasting Policy from the Viewpoint of Media Concentration, Jun Sang Kim (Managing Director of Broadcasting Policy at the Korea Communications Commission, Korea)

15:10~15:30 Break

15:30~17:00 Overarching Observations 2:
Moderator: Rodney Tiffen (University of sydney, Australia) and Koichiro Hayashi
Presentation: Ken Carter (Google and the Android Policy Counsel)
Discussions of Hypotheses on Media Concentration

17:00~18:00 Wrap-up and Beyond
Project Leader: Eli Noam (Columbia University)

18:30~21:00 Conference Dinner at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers
Dinner Speech: Dr. Yoshiyuki Koseki, President and CEO, NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Open Session jointly sponsored by ICPF (Information and Communications Policy Forum)

Room#303/304, 3rd Floor, Institute of Information Security
   Chair: Hajime Yamada (Toyo University, President of ICPF)

9:30~10:30 Media Concentration around the World: Selected Country Reports
(1) India, Anuradha Bhattacharjee (Mudra Institute of Communications,  Ahmedabad, India)
(2) Portugal Paulo Faustino (Portuguese Catholic University)
(3) Korea, Daeho Kim (Inha University, Korea)
Overarching Observations: Eli Noam (Columbia University)

11:00~10:15 Break

11:15~12:15 The Great Earthquake and the Response of Different Media types

Online Media:
Yahoo Japan!'s Crisis Response to the Great Earthquake: Presenter TBD

Traditional Commercial Media:
NAB-Japan's Report on the Role of Broadcasting in the Great Earthquake: Mr. Mikio Kimura, NAB-Japan Research Center

Public Media:
Newspapers Case: Presenter TBD

12:15~12:30 Closing Remarks

Access & Venues
Reception for January 19
Iwasaki Museum
254 Yamatecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 213-0862
+81-45-623-2111 +81-45-623-2257
3 min. walk from Exit 6 of Motomachi Chukagai Sta. in Minatomirai Line

Accommodation for January 19 & 20
Dinner for January 20
Conference Site for January 20 & 21

Hotel Camelot Japan
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