9:00 Welcome and Overview
  • Dedication to Alain de Fontenay, founder of ITS: Brian Savin() and Erik Bohlin

9:30 The State of Wireless Technology

  • LTE deployments
  • What will 5G be and why?
  • Requirements for new spectrum in developed countries
  • Techniques to use spectrum more efficiently
  • Dealing with wireless demand surges
  • Backhaul and wireline network infrastructure bottlenecks

Yves Gassot, CEO, IDATE

Shayan Sanyal, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Strategy, Bluwan

Raul Katz (), Professor, Columbia Business School and Director of Business Strategy Research, CITI

Dave Burstein, Editor, dslPrime

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Wireless UBB Applications

  • 4G Mobile applications
  • Results of fiber UBB demonstrations: how will wireless support these applications? Demonstrations
  • App stores market structure
  • A governmental role in applications?

Robert Pepper (), Vice President, Global Technology Policy, Cisco

Len Waverman (), Dean, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary

Lev Gonick (), Vice President for Information Technology Services and CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Matt Larsen (), Managing Partner, Vistabeam

Bruce Lincoln (), Founder/CEO, Chief Design Scientist, Urban Cyberspace Company

12:30 LUNCH

1:30 The Business of Wireless UBB

  • The importance of fiber infrastructure to Wireless UBB
  • Will revenues for new applications support the UBB investment?
  • 4G and UBB Industry structure: consolidation or competitive?

    Simon Flannery, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
    Craig Moffett, Senior Analyst, Bernstein Research
    Mark Cooper (), Director of Research, Consumer Federation of America
    Hee-Su Kim (), Senior Vice President, Economics and Management Research Lab, KT Corporation (Korea)
    Arnold Picot (), Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich School of Management, Institute for Information, Organization and Management (Germany)

    2:45 Break

    3:00 Government Policies
    • Finding additional spectrum for UBB Wireless in North America, Europe, Asia
    • Licensed versus unlicensed spectrum
    • Rural Wireless UBB: how much subsidy?
    • Universal Service 2.0
    • National BB Plans and Stimulus Plans Around the World
    • Policy issues for remaining bottlenecks, new bottlenecks, and demand side issues
    • Economic impact of broadband speed

    Matthais Kurth () President of the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway (Germany)
    Erik Bohlin (), Professor,Division of Technology & Society Department of Technology Management and Economics,Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and Chair of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS)
    Leonard Cali, Senior Vice President - Global Public Policy, AT&T
    Jeffrey Carlisle, Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy, Lightsquared
    Michel Siegenthaler, Senior Strategy Manager Network & IT, Swisscom

    5:00: RECEPTION