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CITI is pleased to invite you to the presentation of a new book by two of its Associated Faculty Fellows, Prof. Martin Elton and Prof. John Carey. Their book, When Media Are New, shows how users have adopted electronic media at the time when each was new. There have always been new media, and audiences that needed to adjust. If we look to the past, we may understand the future.
*how new media were adopted (or rejected),
*why it is impossible to forecast their uptake
*how old media integrate new ones
*implementation problems for new media
*how to conduct research who uses new media and why
*case studies of introducing media innovations,
*why the history of how online media got started is wrong

Elton and Carey will present their book, to be followed by 5 discussants from industry and academia, Q&A, and a reception.

Event Date: February 4th 2011
Event Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Uris Hall room 332

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