Trading Opportunities and Options on the Spectrum Frontier (in London)

[ Programme ]

March 26,

The Global Communications Consortium at London Business School, in association with Ofcom, are delighted to invite you to attend a workshop on spectrum issues at London Business School on Friday, 26th March from 12pm - 6pm. As you know, spectrum trading is under review in the UK and the workshop will address 'Trading Opportunities and Options on the Spectrum Frontier' with panels discussing the industry and international perspectives, followed by question and answer sessions. Key spokespeople from Ofcom, the US, the EU and industry will take part. A detailed programme is attached.

This event will be followed by four further workshops concentrating on Ofcom's Telecommunications Review - preliminary details are attached. We will send updated programmes for these workshops in due course but you may like to note the dates in the meantime.

If you would like to attend the 26th March workshop, please complete and return the registration form. Note this invitation is to you and should not be circulated within your firm or organisation. Space is limited.