Innovation & Regulation

April 3-4, 2008

Telecom ParisTech University

46 Rue Barrault F-75013

Paris, France

This conference will bring
together policy makers, industry experts, and academics from the United States,
Korea and Europe to examine the perspective of "Ultrabroadband"
(i.e. transmission rates above 1Gbps on the residential market). It is a joint
event of the Chair on Innovation and Regulation in the Digital Economy (Ecole
Polytechnique - Telecom ParisTech - OrangeLabs) and is jointly organized with
the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI), and Korea Telecom.

Telecom and cable companies
around the world are planning to deploy ultrabroadband networks that require
significant infrastructure investments. There are important questions on applications,
demand, business models and regulatory conditions to resolve. In this conference,
companies will demonstrate ultrabroadband applications, and speakers will
explore the technological, economic, strategic, policy and regulatory dimensions
of ultrabroadband:

  • What are the
    different ultrabroadband deployment plans across the industrialized world?
  • What is the
    role of the regulatory scenarios?
  • What is the
    impact on content?
  • What are the
    new quality of services dimensions?
  • What are the
    determining factors for business strategies, pricing models, applications,
    advertising opportunities?
  • Should there
    be national ultrabroadband policies?
  • What are the
    impacts on broadband market structure? On competition?


April 3, 2008 - 14.00
- 17.30

Session 1: Applications

  • Overview of the situation
    of ultrabroadband in the world - Roland Montagne, IDATE - [Presentation]

  • Demonstration of WiBro -
    Korea Telecom

  • Demonstration of ultrabroadband
    services from Telecom Italia

  • Demonstration of 3DTV from Orange - [Presentation]

  • The role of cable TV in
    the ultrabroadband future - David Reed, CableLabs

  • Which services in the home
    network? - Martial Bellec, OrangeLabs - [Presentation]

April 4, 2008 - 09.00 -

Session 2: Business

  • Business Strategies in
    the UBB Era - Taeyol Yoo, KT
    - [Presentation]

  • Investment models - Raul
    Katz, CITI
    - [Presentation]

  • Content business models
    - Eli Noam, CITI
    - [Presentation]

  • QoS role in ultrabroadband
    future models - Elias Aravantinos, CITI
    - [Presentation]

  • Bundling and scope economies
    in ultrabroadband - Antonin Arlandis, Orange Labs
    - [Presentation]

  • Business models based on
    audience and social network communities - Kevin Mellet and Jean-Samuel
    Beuscart, OrangeLabs
    - [Presentation]

  • Pricing models - Telecom
    Italia Wholesale unit - Pasqual Izzo - [Presentation]

April 4, 2008
- 13.30 - 16.30

Session 3: Strategy and
policy models

  • Vision of the future from
    the point of view of a regulatory authority - Gabrielle Gauthey, ARCEP
    (TBC) - [Presentation]

  • Market structure of UBB
    provision - Bob Atkinson, CITI
    - [Presentation]

  • National Broadband Policy
    and UBB Strategies - Suk-Gwon Chang, DCR and Hanyang University

  • Macroeconomic impacts of
    technological change - Fabrice Collard, IDEI and Patrick Feve IDEI
    - [Presentation]

  • UBB Strategies from a Two-Sided
    Market Perspective - Beong-Geel Choi, Korea Telecom
    - [Presentation]

  • Ultrabroadband policies
    to foster innovative infrastructure sharing - Lorenzo Pupillo, Telecom
    - [Presentation]

For more information on the event, please
visit Telecom-ParisTech's webpage
, or email CITI's
Assistant Director, John Heywood, at jwh2121@columbia.edu.


Conference Organized by France Telecom, Korea Telecom, and the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information