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2000 and earlier



  • Noam, Eli M. Regulation and Deregulation of the Internet.
  • Noam, Eli M. Reforming Universal Service: A Prerequisite Competition and Interconnection.
  • Noam, Eli M. and A. Wolfson. The End of Territoriality in Telecommunications.
  • Huberman, Gur. Familiarity Breeds Investment: The Geographic Distribution of RBOC Shareholders.
  • Noam, Eli M. U.S. Media Concentration: Markets, Concentration & Diversity.
  • Noam, Eli M. Regulating Cyberspace.
  • Noam, Eli M. Systemic Bottlenecks in the Information Society.
  • Noam, Eli M. Beyond Spectrum Auctions: Taking the Next Step to Open Spectrum Access.
  • Noam, Eli M. Privacy and Self-Regulation: Markets for Electronic Privacy.
  • Noam, Eli M. Spectrum and Universal Service.
  • Noam, Eli M. Universal Internet Access: The USA and the European Countries Between Regulation and Deregulation of the Internet.
  • Noam, Eli M. Electronics and the Future of the Research Library.
  • Noam, Eli M. Supra-regulation in Telecommunications.
  • Noam, Eli M. Creative Destruction and Information Technology.
  • Noam, Eli M. Interconnection is the Key Issue in Telecommunications. Must it be Regulated?
  • Noam, Eli M. and Alvarez, C. Electronics and the Future of the Library.
  • Noam, Eli M. Future of the Media - Media of the Future.
  • Noam, Eli M. Public Interest Programming by American Commercial Television.
  • Rowland, Willard. The Institution of American Public Television.
  • Ledbetter, Jim. Funding and Economics of American Public Television.
  • Somerset-Ward, Richard. Public Television in America: Programming for a Digital Future.
  • Price, Monroe. Public Television and New Technologies.
  • Noam, Eli M. Electronics and the Dim Future of Banks.
  • Roddy, David. Worldwide Demand for Telephone Service.
  • Roddy, David. Current Challenges for Domestic Wireless Telecomm Carriers.
  • Roddy, David. Transportation of Internet Traffic in the 21st Century.
  • Economides, Nicholas. The Incentive for Non-Price Discrimination by an Input Monopolist.
  • Economides, Nicholas and White, Lawrence, J. The Inefficiency of the ECPR Yet Again: A Reply to Larson.
  • Economides, Nicholas and Wildman, Steven S. Monopolistic Competition with Two-Part Tariffs.
  • Economides, Nicholas. Principles of Interconnection: A Response to "Regulation of Access to Vertically-Integrated Natural Monopolies."
  • Economides, Nicholas. Quality Choice and Vertical Integration.
  • Korn, Jessica. What is Economic Development in an Information Economy?
  • Noll, A. Michael. The Digital Mystique: A Review of Digital Technology and its Application.
  • Noll, A. Michael. The Costs of Competition: An Analysis of the FCC Telecommunication Orders of
  • Miller, Eugene. Digital TV Systems.
  • Seel, Peter. The Path from Analog HDTV to DTV in Japan.
  • Hart, Jeffrey. Digital Television in Europe and Japan.
  • Neuman, Russell W. Broadcasting and Bandwidth.
  • Waterman, David. Digital Television and Program Pricing.
  • Parker, Richard. Does Economics Have a Role in the Race Toward Digital TV?
  • Chang, Monica. Megatrends and Critical Issues in Telecom Evolution.
  • Chang, Monica. Taiwan's Economic Development strategies for the 21st Century.
  • Ogunyemi, Dayo. Digital Delivery of Content Via the Internet: Legal and Business Considerations for the Music and Film Industries.
  • Einhorn, Michael A. International Accounting and Settlements: A Review of Literature.
  • Noam, Eli M. Can the Internet be Regulated?
  • Noam, Eli M. and Freeman, Robert. The Media Monopoly and Other Myths.
  • Noam, Eli M. and Drake, William. The WTO Deal on Basic Telecommunications: Big Bang or Little Whimper?
  • Noam, Eli M. Will Books Become the Dumb Medium?
  • Levine, Howard J. Electronic Commerce: Are the Current Tax Rules Adequate, or Even Relevant?
  • Casey, John. Content and Services for the New Digital TV Environment.
  • Saravia, Edgar. Telecommunications in Bolivia: A Country Analysis.
  • Botelho, Antonio, Lee McKnight, Roberto Ferro and Carlos Manfredini. Telecommunications in Brazil.
  • Noguera, Felipe. Telecommunications in the Caribbean Islands.
  • Melo, Jose Ricardo. Telecommunications in Chile.
  • Nichols, John Spicer and Torres, Alicia M. Telecommunications, Conflicts, and Change in Cuba.
  • Espinosa, Ivan and Pineda, Michael Chong. Telecommunications Development in Ecuador.
  • Gutosso, Graciela Perez Montero. Telecommunications in Uruguay.
  • Zaidman, Natan E. Past, Present, and Future of Telecommunications in Venezuela.
  • Hooley, Margot Lise. Telecommunications in Colombia.
  • Griffith, Kathleen A. Telecommunications in Mexico.
  • Cornejo, Ingeniero Percy and Delgado, Ingeniero Juan Ernesto Barreda. Telecommunications in Peru.
  • Cortes, Ramon Morales. Telecommunications in Puerto Rico.
  • Camp, L. Jean Internet Commerce: Evolution, Examples and Evaluation.
  • Panel Transcription Telecommunications Act of : The Morning After.
  • Szafran, Marc E. Examining the Causal Relationship Between Global Communications Technologies and Internationally Recognized Freedom of Speech.
  • Szafran, Marc E. A Neo-Institutional Paradigm for Contracts Formed in Cyberspace: Judgement Day for the Statute of Frauds.
  • Frieden, Rob. Privatization of Satellite Cooperatives: Smothering a Golden Goose?
  • Pfeifenberger, Johannes P. and Houthakker, Hendrik S. Does Intelsat Face Effective Competition in the Provision of its Services?
  • Sweeney, J. Gregory. Cybernetworks and Telecommunications Carriers.
  • Srinagesh, Padmanabhan and Gong, Jiong. Network Competition and Industry Structure.
  • McGarty, Terrence P. Disaggregation of Telecommunications.
  • Lehr, William H. and Weiss, Martin B.H. The Political Economy of Congestion Charges and Settlements in Packet Networks.
  • Tanaka, Tatsuo. Is Packet-Usage Pricing Inevitable?
  • Solomon, Richard Jay. "Anything you can do, I can do better: I can do anything better than you..."
  • Hudson, Heather E. New Communications Technologies for sDevelopment: Challenges for Africa.
  • Um, Paul Noumba. Telecommunications Restructuring in Africa: Country Case Studies.
  • Nuruddin, Mansur M. Models for the Development of Regional Telecommunications Networks.
  • Herrera, Alejandra. Telecommunications in Nicaragua.
  • Russell, Sheryl. Telecommunications in Guatemala.
  • Dunn, Hopeton S. and Gooden, Winston S. Telecommunications in Jamaica.
  • Chowdary, T.H. Telecommunications in India.
  • Gannon, Brendan J. Telecommunications in Central Asia and the Trans-Caucasian Republics of the Newly Independent States.
  • Vivekenand, P.V. Telecommunications in Jordan.
  • Bayazit, Huseyin. Telecommunications in Turkey.
  • Panel Transcription. Open Video Systems and the Media Marketplace.
  • Einhorn, Michael. INTELSAT: A Reform Proposal.
  • Koenig, Michael and Sione, Patrizia. The World at Stage III But Net at Stage II.
  • Koenig, Michael. Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management.
  • Pavlik, John V. and Andrew Lih. Media Role of Computer Networks: Video on the Internet.
  • Kalakota, Ravi. The Impact of Cybercommunications on Traditional Financial Services.
  • Bauer, Johannes M. and Michelle F. Wilsey. National and Supra-National Regulation of Cybernetworks and Telecommunications Carriers.
  • Samarajiva, Rohan. Cybercontent Regulation: From Proximate-Community Standards to Virtual-Community Standards?
  • Hops, Jeffrey S. Cybermedia and Free Speech: Some Potential Pitfalls.
  • McGarty, Terrence P. The Economic Viability of Wireless Local Loop and its Impact on Universal Service.
  • Frieden, Rob. Business, Legal, Regulatory and Spectrum Challenges to Widespread Deployment of Wireless Telephony.
  • Gabel, David and D. Mark Kennet. The Effect of Cellular Service on the Cost Structure of a Land-Based Telephone Network.
  • Hills, Alex and Hung-Yao Yeh. Using Wireless Technology to Provide Basic Telephone Service in the Developing World.
  • Trinkwon, David. Technology of Fixed-Wireless Access.
  • Egan, Bruce. The Economics of the Wireless Local Loop.
  • Noam, Eli M. Media Concentration in the United States: Trends and Regulatory Responses
  • Noam, Eli M. Revolution in Access Control: Markets for Electronic Privacy.
  • Noam, Eli M. Spectrum Auctions: Yesterday's Heresy, Today's Orthodoxy, Tomorrow's Anachronism. Taking the Next Step to Open Spectrum Access.
  • Noam, Eli M. Supra-National Regulation for Supra-National Telecommunications Carriers?
  • Noam, Eli M. Toward a Common Law of Telecom.
  • Noam, Eli M. and Freeman, Robert. Are American Media Concentrated? A Decade of Empirical Evidence.
  • Noam, Eli M. The Cyber-communications Revolution.
  • Roddy, David. The Telecom Act of : A Comprehensive Overview of the New Law.
  • Roddy, David. Dimensions of the PCS/Wireless Marketplace.


  • Noam, Eli M. and Harumasa Sato. Kobe's Lesson: Dial 711 For "Open" Emergency Communications.
  • Noam, Eli M. The Future of Television.
  • Noam, Eli M. Electronics and the Dim Future of the University.
  • Economides, Nicholas and Charles Himmelberg. Critical Mass and Entwork Evolution in Telecommunications.
  • Economides, Nicholas. Quality Choice and Vertical Integration.
  • Economides, Nicholas. The Incentive for Vertical Integration.
  • Economides, Nicholas and William Lehr. The Quality of Complex Systems and Industry Structure.
  • Economides, Nicholas. Mixed Bundling in Duopoly.
  • Economides, Nicholas and Robert Schwartz. Electronic Call Market Trading.
  • Economides, Nicholas and Jeffrey Heisler. Equilibrium Fee Schedules in a Monopolist Call Market.
  • Ansari, Asim, Nicholas Economides, and Joel Steckel. The Max-Min Principle of Product Differentiation.
  • Economides, Nicholas. The Economics of Networks.
  • Economides, Nicholas. Network Externalities, Complementarities, and Invitations to Enter.
  • Slaton, Christa Daryl. Televoting in the United States.
  • Delli Carpini, Michael X. Voters, candidates, and Campaigns in the New Information Age.
  • Westen, Tracy. Can Technology Save Democracy?
  • Abramson, Jeffrey B. Electronic Town Meetings: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
  • Noam, Eli M. Reforming the Financial Support System for Universal Service in Telecommunications.
  • Schement, Jorge Reina. Divergence and Convergence: The Evolving Informaiton Environment of the Home.
  • Baker, R.D., with Hsi-Hui Chang and S.K. Majumdar. Profitability, Productivity, and Price Recovery Patterns in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry.
  • Edited Remarks of Speakers. East-West Media Cooperation: The European Agenda.
  • Grewlich, Klaus W. Towards an International Competition Policy in Global Telecommunications.
  • Chamoux, Jean-Pierre. After Privatisation: Neo-Colonialism?
  • Hursey, Douglas M. Inter-American Roaming.
  • Frieden, Rob. Universal Personal Communications in the New Telecommunications World Order.
  • Noam, Eli M. The Stages of Television: From Multi-Channel Television to Me-TV.
  • MacCarthy, Mark. Broadcast Self-Regulation: The NAB Codes, Family Viewing Hour and Television Violence.
  • Brown, Les. Self-Regulation in American Television: In Areas Aside From Program Content.
  • Geller, Henry. Ownership Regulatory Policies in the U.S. Telecom Sector.
  • Compaine, Benjamin. The Impact of Ownership Concentration on Content: Does it Matter?
  • Lange, Bernd-Peter. The European Interest in the American Experience in Self- Regulation.
  • Kim, Chang-Kon. Telecommunications Development and Policy Trends in the Republic of Korea.
  • Kasdan, John. The Constitutionality of Mandatory Key Escrowing.
  • Cohen, Daniel. Rationales for Export Restrictions on Cryptographic Software.
  • Nelson, Julie. The Effect of Patents on the Cryptographic Industry.
  • Kurtzman, Joel. "Welcome, Mr. Matsushita, to the New World."
  • Mayer, Martin. Issues Facing the Development of an Electronic Payment Infrastructure.
  • Daguio, Kawika. The History of Banks, the U.S. Government, and Payment Systems Improvements.
  • Laster, David, and John Wenninger. Policy Issues Raised by Electronic Money.
  • Hazlett, Thomas W. Assigning Property Rights to Radio Spectrum Users: Why did FCC License Auctions Take 67 Years?
  • Frieden, Rob. Satellite-Delivered Universal Personal Communications: Market Development, Technological and Regulatory Issues.
  • Sung, Liching. The Political Economy of International Standardization: The Case of the Third Generation Mobile Communications System.
  • Musto, David K. Year-End Forces in Securities Markets.
  • Vassalou, Maria G. Multiple-Country Versus Single-Country Tests of International Asset Pricing Models.
  • Friedman, John. Fostering Development of Advanced Telecommunications Technologies: The F.C.C., the Pioneer's Preference, & Personal Communications Services.
  • Noam, Eli M. Visions of the Media Age: Taming the Information Monster.
  • Testimony on Foreign Ownership Reform Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on SR-253.
  • Testimony on Radio Spectrum Allocations and Valuation Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.
  • Telecommunications and Economic Development for the New York-New England Region.
  • The Three Stages of Television.
  • Camp, L. Jean. Opportunities, Options and Obstacles in Electronic Commerce.
  • Gauntt, John du Pre. Perceptions of Wealth in Information Networks: Some Issues for the Banking Sector.
  • Glass, David L. Electronic Banking and Regulatory Environment: Principles, Problems, and Prolegoma.
  • Carey, John. The Future of Electonic Banking: Consumer and Marketing Issues.
  • Croson, David C. Impacts of Electronic Cash on Banking Economics.
  • Macia, Elisa and Messer, Heidi. Copyright and Censorship in Cyberspace: Regulating on the Electronic Frontier.
  • Koenig, Michael. Brief Communication. Information Policy: The Mounting Tension (value additive versus uniquely distributable 'public good')
  • Koenig, Michael and Wilson, Thimas. Opinion Paper. Productivity Growth: The Take-Off Point.
  • Noam, Eli M. Towards the Third Revolution of Television.
  • Noam, Eli M. Will Universal Service and Common Carriage Survive the Telecommunications Act of 1996?
  • NiShuilleabhain, Aine. Extra-Market Covariance Revisited: A Multi-Beta (Technology) CAPM.
  • Noam, Eli M. Liberalization is Just the Beginning: From Competition to Self-Divestiture.


April 17th 2015

Back From the Ashes? A Next Generation of ICT Regulations and Their Implications


May 1st, 2015

CITI's 4th Annual Event on Digital Financial Services & Emerging Payments "Disruption, Development And Innovation In A Global Context"


June 5th, 2015

The Impact of the Internet on Employment and How to Deal with the Losers?"


October 19th, 2015

Save the Date: CITI State of Telecom


October 20th, 2015

Save the Date: Media Ownership and Concentration Around the World

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