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Application Procedure

Candidates are encouraged to apply early as there are a limited number of Visiting Fellow appointments offered each year, and acceptance into the Program is competitive.

Please note that the Columbia University (and the Columbia Business School) academic calendar runs from September to May, with fall term between September and December and spring term between January and May. Though Visiting Fellows are not required to arrange their visit to CJEB to coincide within the Columbia academic year, many choose to do so in order to be able to audit classes and partake in University activities.

After receiving completed applications, the selection committee, chaired by Professors Hugh Patrick and David Weinstein, reviews all materials.


CJEB Fellow Start Date

Apply by:

January or February

October 15 of the previous year

June or July

March 15 of the same year

August or September

May 15 of the same year


CJEB Corporate Sponsor Visiting Fellows

Government Visiting Fellows

Academic Visiting Fellows

Monthly / Yearly Costs (with office space)

$4,500/month or $40,000/12 months

$4,500/month or $40,000/12 months

$3,500/month or $30,000/12 months

Monthly / Yearly Costs (without office space)

$2,750/month or $24,000/12 months

$2,750/month or $24,000/12 months

$1,500/month or $12,000/12 months

Fees in the above chart will be effective starting July 1, 2014. (Fees are conditional and subject to change.)
If you have questions about which category applies to you, please contact us.

Admission Criteria

It is expected that CJEB Visiting Fellows have a working knowledge of spoken and written English, though we do not require our candidates to take any qualifying tests before admission. If a candidate’s English language abilities are not sufficient, we recommend that they consider taking American Language Program or similar classes upon arrival in New York City.


For any questions or to submit an application, please contact CJEB Associate Director for Administration, Ryoko Ogino, at (ph: 212-854-7167; fax: 212-678-6958). We look forward to hearing from you.


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