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2013-14 Research Papers

The Center has produced the following papers in 2013-14:

Working Papers:

WP 321: Real Exchange Rates in a Model of Structural Change: Applications to the Real Yen-Dollar and Chinese RMB-Dollar Exchange Rates by Robert Dekle

WP 322: How Making it Easier to Succeed Reduces Success: IPO Reform and New Firm Performance by Robert Eberhart, Kathleen Eisenhardt, and Charles Eesley

WP 323: Saving–Investment Balance and Fiscal Sustainability of Japan: A View from the JGB Market by Tokuo Iwaisako

WP 324: Academic Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Promotion of Information Technology & Computer Science by Robert Cole

WP 325: The Market for Corporate Subsidiaries in Japan: An Empirical Study of Trades Among Listed Firms by Ulrike Schaede and Tatsuo Ushijima

WP 326: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and the Great Recession: Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade by Ryo Kambayashi and Takao Kato

WP 327: Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry by Serguey Braguinsky, Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki, and Chad Syverson

WP 328: Does Embeddedness Reduce Innovation and Differentiation? Evidence from the Japanese Microbrewery Industry by Christina Ahmadjian and Jesper Edman

WP 329: Framing From Afar: External Agents and the Construction of the Japanese Ji-Buru Industry by Christina Ahmadjian and Jesper Edman

WP 330: How Much Do Official Price Indexes Tell Us About Inflation? by Jessie Handbury, Tsutomu Watanabe, and David E. Weinstein

WP 331: Five Years Later: Lessons from the Financial Crisis by Jeffrey Shafer

WP 332: Japan Post Insurance: Unjustified Favoritism by Edward Lincoln

WP 333: Nonlinear Pricing of Japanese Newspapers by David Flath

WP 334: Japanese Newspapers by David Flath

WP 335: The Structure and Evolution of Buyer-Supplier Networks by Takayuki Mizuno, Wataru Souma, and Tsutomu Watanabe

WP 336: Spinning Tales About Japanese Cotton Spinning: Saxonhouse (1974) Then And Now by Serguey Braguinsky and David A. Hounshell

WP 337: Explaining the Rise of East Asian Multinationals: State-Industry Links, a Stages Model of Structural Change, and Japan as a Precedent Setter by Terutomo Ozawa

Occasional Papers:

OP 62: Abenomics: Japan's New Economic Policy Package by Hugh Patrick

OP 63: Hagihara Industries Inc. by Hugh Patrick

OP 64: Ryobi Holdings Company and Ryobi Group by Hugh Patrick

OP 65: Insurance Enterprise Risk Management: Toward The Next Generation by Shigeyuki Goto

OP 66: Japan's Abenomics: Recovery Leading to Good Growth? by Hugh Patrick


All WPs and OPs are available at Columbia University Academic Commons, an institutional repository program sponsored by the Columbia University Libraries.  These papers are searchable by keyword, or can be found directly in the following categories:

CJEB Working Paper Series

CJEB Occasional Paper Series


"Japan and the World Economy: Challenges Over the Coming Decade" Broadcast on NHK World in Early May

CJEB's recent seminar, "Japan and the World Economy: Challenges Over the Coming Decade" was broadcast on NHK World's program, Global Agenda on May 1st - May 2nd.

Click here to view the videos.

Click here to view a short summary report.

Click here for more details about the broadcast.

CJEB's Upcoming Annual Tokyo Conference

Our annual Tokyo Conference will be held on May 21st at Otemachi Financial City Conference Center. Our keynote speakers will be Mr. Yasuchika Hasegawa, chairman of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. and Professor Bruce Greenwald, Robert Heilbrunn Professor of Finance and Asset Management at Columbia Business School. Join us as we debate and discuss the changes of corporate governance in Japan.

For more details on this event, please click here.

2015-2016 "Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship” application for Columbia students is now open

For the academic year of 2015-2016, the "Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship” application is now open for Columbia students. The application deadline is February 27, 2015.

This Scholarship offers full tuition coverage for study in Japan. For more details, visit our website here.

Professor Takatoshi Ito Will Join CJEB As Associate Director Of Research In January 2015

CJEB’s research associate and long time friend, Takatoshi Ito, former dean of The University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) will join CJEB as Associate Director of Research and as a professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in January 2015.

Read the official announcement from SIPA>

CJEB’s Annual Tokyo Conference, May 15th, ends in success

Our annual Tokyo Conference was held on May 15th at Otemachi Financial City Conference Center. With Governor Kuroda from the Bank of Japan and Dr. Adam Posen, president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics as keynote speakers, the conference gathered speakers and guests from a wide range of fields to discuss and debate the future of the Japanese Economy. The video and reports from the conference will be available soon on this website. The sold-out event was covered by multiple media sources.

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Professor Patrick Co-edits New Book

Professor Patrick has recently co-edited a book with Professor Yung Chul Park, titled How Finance is Shaping the Economies of China, Japan, and Korea.

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CJEB Director Featured in Wall Street Journal

CJEB Director of Research Professor David Weinstein was featured in Wall Street Journal "CPI: noise Pollution at Low Altitudes."

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Upcoming Events

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