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Behavioral Economics & Decision Making

Summer 2008 EMBA Course

B7619-001: Behavioral Economics & Decision Making

Block Week 3, June 2-6

Instructor: Eric Johnson

This course is intended for future marketing managers and management consultants interested in developing marketing and business strategies based on cutting-edge research in the behavioral science. The topics that are focused on include behavioral economics, cognitive and social psychology and consumer research.

It is well established that successful marketing and business strategies depend on a thorough understanding of how customers make decisions. The purpose of this course is to inform future managers and consultants of customers’ decision rules and their associated biases and to enable these future managers and consultants to incorporate such insights in their business and marketing strategies. The course also examines how these same biases can affect managers and how to become better decision makers. Past students have said the course helped them in careers in marketing and brand management, management consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, and media and communications.

Evaluation is based on class participation, including online exercises (30%), three exercises (30%) and a final group or individual project (40%).