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International Seminar India

Spring 2009 EMBA Course

B7699-006: International Seminar India

International Seminars, Mar 8-14 Mumbai

Instructor: Rajeev Kohli

The objectives of the course are to (1) Assess the scale and scope of changes taking place in India; (2) Evaluate the opportunities, risks and rewards for companies seeking investments in India over the next five to ten years; and (3) Understand the development and ambitions of Indian companies within and outside India. The class will be held during the last week of October, 2009, in Mumbai, and will use a mix of lectures, cases, class discussions, company visits, and several guest speakers from Indian industry. Students will work, in groups of 3-4 individuals, on an aspect of a common problem concerning innovation in an Indian context. Last year, for example, students worked on formulating strategies for the Indian Premier League, a new cricket tournament launched in 2008. Depending on their backgrounds and interests, the groups worked on such topics as merchandizing opportunities, methods for valuing franchises and building franchise value, and identifying revenue sources based on an analysis of marketing and management practices by sports franchises in the US and Europe. The project reports are due at the end of the Fall term. A list of readings and resources used in Spring 2009 is available for review at