Summer 2009 EMBA Course

B7006-200: Managerial Economics

BC 2011

Instructor: Bogachan Celen

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This course focuses on the problem of business decisions, making extensive use of cases. Topics include basic supply-demand theory and marginal analysis, the structure of decision problems, the impact of the   market setting (i.e., competitive, oligopolistic or monopolistic structures) and strategic interactions among firms using game theory. The emphasis throughout is on the use of economic reasoning to solve actual business decision problems.

Bogachan Celen

Associate ProfessorProfessor Çelen teaches the core course Managerial Economics. His main research focus is on game theory, microeconomic theory, and experimental economics. In his recent work he provides an information-based explanation for uniform of social behavior, which is often refereed to as herd behavior or information cascades. He also works on positive and normative implications of different interest arbitration procedures. Çelen is the winner...

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