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Strategy Consulting Skills

Summer 2009 EMBA Course

B7677-001: Strategy Consulting Skills

2009CD & 2010Spr, meets 4 Thursdays: May 28, Jun 11, Jun 25, Aug 6; auditing not permitted

Instructor: Hitendra Wadhwa

This course exposes students to the (a) structured problem-solving, (b) communication, (c) project management and (d) influencing skills used in strategy consulting. The course is organized around the five phases of a typical strategy engagement: scope definition; problem structuring; data gathering and analysis; recommendations development; and final presentation. Students get to learn and practice specific consulting tools and principles associated with each of these five phases, such as issue trees, hypothesis-driven problem solving, interview guides, triangulation, synthesis, pyramid principle, and storylines.  These skills covered in the course are broadly applicable across business functions and industries, and besides their relevance to management consulting will be valuable to entrepreneurs and managers in the strategy, business-development or marketing-planning aspects of their work.